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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vanquish Products Currie F9 and Rockjock Axles and Accessories

Today we are reviewing the Vanquish Products Currie F9 and Rockjock Axles for the Axial line-up of vehicles.  Both the F9 and the Rockjock axles are made from CNC aluminum and are made in the USA.  The quality of the products are top notch. 

Recently Vanquish has released the Currie F9 Axles.  The F9 axles have a different look compared to the Rockjock axle.  We will be showing pictures of both axles.

Picture above is the Currie F9 AR60 front axle for the Axial Wraith/Bomber.  The axle is available in two colors: Black VPS07940 (Pictured) and Silver VPS07941.

There is also a servo mount for the front Currie F9 AR60 axle sold separately.  (See picture below)

The AR60 Servo Mount is available in two colors: Black VPS07970 and Silver VPS07971.  The servo mount is made to sit on top of the axle.  If people are using the Chassis Mounted Servo Kit (VPS03260), then the servo mount is not needed.

The rear Currie F9 AR60 axle (pictured above) is also available in Black VPS07950 and Silver VPS07951.

Vanquish has also released the Currie Rockjock 70 Axle with the XR10 Width for the SCX10.  They came out with the axle in the XR10 width because the extra width gives a better scale look with certain bodies.  The axles length is in between the SCX10 and the Wraith.

The Currie Rockjock 70 axle is available three colors.  For the Front axle: Black (pictured above) VPS07560, Grey VPS07562, and Silver VPS07564.  The front axle requires two extra parts.  The Axial XR10 Front Universal Set (AX30563) and the Vanquish XR10 Width Tie Rod (VPS07930) pictured below.

The rear Currie Rockjock 70 axle colors are: Black VPS07561, Grey VPS07563, and Silver (pictured above) VPS7565.

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