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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Robitronic Mantis TXS

Here is the Robitronic Mantis TXS (part#R39074). The Mantis TXS is a ready to run truggy. It includes everything needed to run except 12 AA batteries (8 batteries for the remote and 4 for the receiver), one C-cell battery (for the glow plug ignitor), and nitro fuel. This is a great truggy for everyone from beginners to bashers and even racers. The Mantis TXS is fast and durable. The engine is based off of the Axial Spec 1S 28 engine. If people are looking for more power, they can upgrade the engine to the Spec 1S engine by buying the piston and sleeve(part#AX003). The truggy has has many optional parts to help out out handling, such as springs and sway bars to name a few. Also, there are many red CNC aluminum parts available for looks and durability.

R39074 Street Price $399.99


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trail Ranger Body from Axial

Here is the Trail Ranger Body (part#AX4009) from Axial. This new body is designed for people into scale crawling because it has a realistic look to the body. The body will fit the SCx10 and some other scale crawlers; it will also fit the AX10 and monster trucks too.

AX4009 MSRP $36.00


Monday, April 27, 2009

Aluminum Shock Set for SCX10

The Axial Aluminum Shock Set (part#AX30090) is now available for the SCX10. The shocks come as a pair, so people will need two pairs of the Aluminum Shocks to make a complete set. The shocks look more realistic than the stock plastic shock bodies. They also help prevent the shocks from leaking which some people are having problems with the stock plastic shocks. These shocks are designed for the SCX10 and will not fit the AX10. For people who have bought the frame set (part#AX30525) trying to convert the AX10 into a scale crawler, these shocks are perfect for them, since the frame set did not include shocks.

AX30090 MSRP $40.00


Friday, April 24, 2009

DNA Steel Outdrives

The factory outdrive shaft (#AX30404) on the Axial transmission is prone to breaking. Since DNA made similar outdrives for their dig unit, we told them to make some heavy duty steel replacements. This part will be a very good upgrade for people not running a dig unit on their Axial AX10 and SCX10.

DNA314HD MSRP $32.00


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Axial Optional Gears

Axial has just released two new gear ratios for the front and/or rear axles in the Axial AX10 and SCX10. The first optional gear set for the axle is the 36 tooth ring gear/14 tooth pinion gear (AX30401) and the second is the 43 tooth ring gear/13 tooth pinion gear (AX30402). The original gear set in the axle for the Axial crawlers are 38/13. The 36/14 gear set is for higher top speed. While the 43/13 gear set is used to reduce the torque twist. They can be used in a combination together to help the AX10 crawl better. If using the 36/14 gear set up front and the 43/13 gear set in the rear, it will let the front axle help pull the rig up and over obstacles easier, while the the rear axle will reduce torque twist. The new gears are spiral cut to help reduce slop and make the gears quieter. They are also made of hardened steel for more strength and more weight in the axles.

AX30401 MSRP $30.00

AX30402 MSRP $30.00


Monday, April 20, 2009

2009 NRHSA Show

The National Retail Hobby Stores Association (NRHSA) had their annual table top expo at the Las Vegas Hilton. This gave suppliers and hobby stores a great chance to mingle and see whats new. The best part of it is meeting new people and finally putting a face to the voice. SK Motion represented and displayed for Axial, Robitronic, Hot Bodies, STRC, Tekno RC, Hard Body'z, and DNA RC. Everyone at this event got a sneak peak on some future releases. Take a look at some of the pictures below.

Over 15 cars were on display at the SK Motion booth. More than any other vendor.

This is the first time the public got to see the new Axial RTC (Ready-To-Crawl). People liked the 55T motor, threaded shocks, Proline tires, and metal gear servo. This car is expected to ship sometime in June.

Hard Body'z dropped off their new roof rack for the scale crawler at the SK Motion booth.

New Robitronic 1:10 scale electric truck and buggy. These cars will run in the lower $100 price range. Both cars are hobby level grade, durable, share common parts, and are very good quality. Different colored bodies will also be available. The delivery date is mid-June.

Did you know that Hot Bodies made off-road racing tires? Well, they do! They will be releasing a new pink compound shortly. The pinky's are super soft and extra sticky. Seen and felt first only at the SK Motion booth.

Hard Body'z let us display their new Traxxas Slash project. The picture above shows a new front skid plate and front bumper.

The new rear bumper for the Slash by Hard Body'z USA.

This half cage by HBZ makes the Slash look even more like a real short course truck. The more you look at it, the more it tells you "race me."

You've seen this car in magazines, but you probably haven't seen it in person. This truggy was born to win another championship. It reeks toughness and screams winner. We were very lucky to have this car. As usual, seen first only at SK Motion.

Here's a side shot of the new Hot Bodies D8T.

We were privileged to get a lot of support and backing from these top manufactures. This show wasn't your typical seen it all. There were so many new products at the SK Motion booth, store owners and managers were overwhelmed (in a good way). We hope to see you there next year.

SK Motion showcased it first and will be delivering first, so start submitting your pre-orders.

- James

Monday, April 6, 2009

DNA Dig (Steel Internals) - Updated

Every Axial rock crawler needs a dig unit and the DNA dig would be the favorite choice by most consumers. This has been the 3rd update thus far. The latest dig comes with the blue casing, steel internals, and a new servo mount (fits standard and micro). The older digs came in either polished or black housing with aluminum internals. Consumers complained that the aluminum internals would wear quick, so DNA made a change to it. The larger servo mount allows a regular size servo to be used as well. This dig is patent pending, so be aware of imitations.

DNA300HD MSRP $95.00

Got an old DNA dig unit? Steel internals can also be bought seperately.

DNA301HD MSRP $35.00


Thursday, April 2, 2009

STRC Black Links for AX10

The STRC Links are now available in Black for the Axial AX10. The black links are available in the conversion kit (STA30888BK) shown above, the steering links (STA30881BK), and the 30 degree bent links (STA30445BK).

STA30888BK MSRP $44.99

STA30881BK MSRP $6.50

STA30445BK MSRP $16.99