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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Robitronic Servo Horns are Now Available in Gray

The Robitronic flat servo horns are now available in gray.

R17020G Aluminum Servo Arm 23T Flat JR KO Air. MSRP 12.00
R17021G Aluminum Servo Arm 24T Flat Hitec MSRP 12.00
R17022G Aluminum Servo Arm 25T Flat Futaba MSRP 12.00


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Robitronic Avid V2 (R39101) is Coming Soon

The Robitronic Avid V2 (part# R39101) is coming at the end of April. The Avid V2 will be easier to maintain with removable bulkheads and captured hing pins which its predecessor did not have. Here is a list of the features the new Avid V2 has:

• New and fully symmetrical chassis design and drill holes for perfect weight and flex distribution

• Easily customizable chassis flex setup for front and rear end

• Even more reduced chassis weight

• Efficient dual-belt driveline featuring extra flexible and durable drive belts

• Extra large pulleys for minimal friction and maximum power handling capability

• All drive train parts are engineered with a light-weight design in mind reducing rotating masses and increasing acceleration

• Lightweight aluminum ball diff in the rear, including extra large balls for supreme smoothness, durability and power handling

• Spool on the front end

• Hardened universal joints with replaceable drive blades for minimum wear

• Self locking wheel hubs

• Specially designed “anti-wobble” spur gear retainer for the best possible concentricity

• A multitude of setup options for the steering and suspension geometry (camber, toe, caster, roll center, width, wheelbase and many more) cater for the best possible setup under any conditions

• Improved and better centered COG for an unparalleled on-track performance

• Durable hub carriers, CNC-machined from premium grade alloy

• Oversized wheel bearings for even lower friction, tighter clearance and better longevity

• Ultra slim 2.5mm carbon chassis featuring the new AVID V2’s lipo-enabled design

• Generous cutouts for perfect motor cooling

• The symmetrically cut and elongated upper deck now rests even lower

• Ultra lightweight aluminum bulkheads feature an easy access (removing only 4 screws) to the diff and the spool

• Easy access to the spur gear and main shaft

• CNC-machined alloy steering knuckles with a ball raced carbon steering link featuring optimized ackermann geometry

• Ultra tough and newly designed 3mm carbon shock towers

• Two battery retainer options: comfortable alloy brackets or uncompromising glass fiber tape

• Precisely interlocking suspensions blocks made from high grade alloy

• Newly designed anti-roll bars and mounts

• Oversized ball studs and “zero backlash” rod ends

• PTFE coated alloy shocks feature ultra smooth suspension movement and long wear

• The motor mount is separated from the bulkheads

R39101 Robitronic Avid V2 Electric Touring Car Pro Kit Retail Price $695.00


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Option Parts for the Robitronic Protos

Pictured above are just a few of the option parts for the Robitronic Protos 1/8th scale Buggy. There are several option parts to increase durability and performance. There are CVD's that can replace the dog bones throughout the drive train. There are many CNC aluminum parts that replace the cast metal parts that can brake on hard impacts. Here is a list of the hop-ups:
R26001 Cross shaft Set (2pcs)
R26002 Turn Buckle 3x20mm
R26004 Turn Buckle 3x35mm
R26007 Turn Buckle 4x56mm
R26009 Turn Buckle 5x30mm
R26010 Turn Buckle 5x56mm
R26019 Bevel Gear 12t Machine Cut
R26020 Bevel Gear 42t Machine Cut
R26023 CVD Cup Joint Set 8x105mm
R26024 CVD Cup Joint Set 8x92mm
R26025 CVD Drive Shaft 8x97mm (2pcs)
R26027 CNC Shock Tower Front
R26028 CNC Shock Tower Rear
R26036 Spur Gear 44t Machine Cut
R26044 Alloy Shocks 100mm (2pcs)
R26045 Alloy Shocks 130mm (2pcs)
R26053 Front Sway Bar Set
R26054 Rear Sway Bar Set
R26074 Machine Cut Bevel and Gear Set
R27052 Fly Wheel
R27054G CNC Front Wheel Hub Set-Grey
R27054R CNC Front Wheel Hub Set-Red
R27055 CNC Rear Wheel Hub Set
R27056G CNC Engine Mount Set-Grey
R27056R CNC Engine Mount Set-Red
R27058 CNC Front Chassis Brace Set
R27059 CNC Rear Chassis Brace Set
R27060 Graphite Radio Plate
R27061 Graphite Steering Plate
R27062 CNC Lower A-Arm Brace-B Set
R27063 CNC Lower A-Arm Brace-C Set


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Option Part for Hot Bodies D8 (67300), D8T (67800), and VE8 (67535)

The picture above are just a few of the option parts for the Hot Bodies D8, D8T, and VE8. The option parts made for these cars are either lighter, stronger, and/or improves the cars handling. Here is the list of the option parts:
67201 Light Weight King Pin Bushing
67204 Light Weight Fixing Ball
67205 Light Weight Upper Suspension Fixing Ball
67206 Light Weight Steering Push Rod Ball
67207 Light Weight Sway Bar Holder
67213 Light weight Shock End Ball
67214 Alum. Rear Hub Carrier Set
67215 Alum. Front Spindle Carrier Set
67216 Alum. Front Spindle Set
67170 WCE Center Drive Shaft (105MM)
67171 WCE Center Drive Shaft (78MM)
67172 WCE Alum. Axle
67173 Axle (Hard Steel)
67174 WCE Drive Shaft (92MM)
67175 WCE Center Drive Shaft Coupling
67176 WCE Alum. Center Drive Shaft Coupling
67177 WCE Universal Drive Shaft Set (92MM)
67178 WCE Center Drive Shaft Set (105MM)
67179 WCE Center Drive Shaft Set (78MM)
67180 WCE CVD Coupler/Pin Set
67190 Light Weight Spur 48 Tooth
67191 Light Weight 43T Spiral Bevel Gear
67197 Light Weight Out Drives
67198 Light Weight Brake Cam
67199 Light Weight Ball
67200 Light Weight Differential Shaft
67211 Light Weight Diff Axle Shaft
67217 DCJ Center Drive shaft Complete Set (Front/1pc)
67195 Light Weight Steering Post
67202 Light Weight Shock Stand Off
67203 Light Weight Steering Bushing
67446 Big Bore Shock (Gray/60mm/74gf)
67448 Big Bore Shock (Blue/60mm/78gf)
67449 Big Bore Shock (Orange,60mm/98gf)
67450 Big Bore Shock (Green/68mm/59gf)
67451 Big Bore Shock (Yellow/68mm/68gf)
67452 Big Bore Shock (Red/68mm/81gf)
67453 Big Bore Shock (Gray/76mm/52gf)
67454 Big Bore Shock (White/76mm/59gf)
67455 Big Bore Shock (Blue/76mm/63gf)
67456 Big Bore Shock (Orange/76mm/74gf)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

STRC Parts for the Tamiya CR-01 (TAM58429, TAM58436, TAM58414, TAM5840)

Pictured above are some the parts from STRC that are available for the Tamiya CR-01. The top picture is the Rear Lock-Out W/Stainless Steel Axles (part# STT50494). The next picture is the Threaded Shocks W/Retainers (part# STT50950). The rest of the pictures are the Steering Knuckle (part# STT51328), Hub Carriers (part# STT51330), and the last picture is the Center Skid Plate (part# STT95887). There are some other parts for the CR-01 that are not pictured and they are: Heat Sink Motor Plate (part# STT45025), Hex Adapters (part# STT50612), Front Bumper Brackets (part# STT51329), and the Servo Bed (part# STT95888). All of the parts are made from CNC aluminum and come in three different colors: Black, Blue, and Silver.

STT45025 MSRP $14.99 Heat Sink Motor Plate
STT50950 MSRP $47.99 Rear Lock-Out W/Stainless Steel Axles
STT50612 MSRP $17.99 Hex Adapters
STT50950 MSRP $49.99 Threaded Shocks W/Retainers
STT51328 MSRP $29.99 Steering Knuckle
STT51329 MSRP $25.99 Front Bumper Brackets
STT51330 MSRP $29.99 Hub Carriers
STT95887 MSRP $18.99 Center Skid Plate
STT95888 MSRP $14.99 Servo Bed


Friday, March 12, 2010

Coming Soon Axial Honcho Trail Ready

Axial is coming out with a new trail ready with the Honcho body (AX90016). The Axial Honcho Trail Ready is based off their popular SCX10 chassis and comes prebuilt in RTR form with everything except batteries and charger. The kit comes with lights, four white lights and two red lights, Pro-line tires, tube bumper, metal skid plates, and a spare tire are just a few of the features that comes with the RTR scale truck.

Ax90016 MSRP $299.99


Friday, March 5, 2010

New Part for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 from STRC

Here is the new STRC Rear Outer Steel Polished Lock-Nut type Hinge-Pins (part#ST3640R) for the Traxxas Slash 4x4. The stock hinge-pin screws into the a-arm and sometimes it will unscrew itself and fall out of the truck. The advantage of these hinge-pins from STRC are the lock-nuts that holds the hinge-pins in place and keeps it from falling out. The hinge-pin kit comes in two different colors: black and silver.

ST3640RBK Black MSRP $4.99
ST3640RS Silver MSRP $4.99


Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Part for the Ofna Hyper 10SC from STRC

This is the new STRC Aluminum Adjustable Position Battery Plate (part#STO21304) for the Ofna Hyper 10SC. The adjustable battery plate lets you move the battery forwards or backwards on the chassis. There are three different positions, 10mm apart, to move the battery. By having this option, it lets you move the battery weight around to improve the trucks handing.

STO21304 MSRP $9.25