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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brake Discs for Axial SCX10 Truck

We found these Tamiya brake discs in the Tamiya R/C Touring Car Accessory Parts Set. They fit perfectly on a SCX10. It adds more realism to the scale truck. There are other accessories in the set including wipers, side mirrors, intercooler, and an exhaust. You can attach a red LED to the exhaust and it will shine thru.

Part No.: TAM54139 - R/C Touring Car Body Accessory Parts Set

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Wraith Axles from Vanquish Products

Vanquish Products has new Axles for the Axial Wraith. The axles are made from CNC aluminum and are a direct replacement for the stock plastic axle. The axles are sold individually. Two axles are needed to make a complete set. The axle comes in two colors: Black (part#VPS04301) and Silver (part#VPS04302).

VPS04301 Wraith Axle Black MSRP $69.99
VPS04302 Wraith Axle Silver MSRP $69.99

Friday, November 11, 2011

Axial SCX10 W/Dingo Body Kit (AX90021)

Axial is releasing a new SCX10 Kit with the Dingo body (AX90021). The new kit comes with a few new parts that was not available for the SCX10 before. The new parts include: new wheels, Ripsaw 1.9 tires, and WB8 Wild Boar Driveshafts.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Axial EXO 1/10 4WD Terra Buggy Kit

Axial is releasing a brand new chassis called EXO 1/10 4WD Terra Buggy. This buggy is a scale replica of full size sand rails and Class 1 buggies with race oriented performance. The suspension and steering components are designed like race buggies. Features include aluminum steering racks, set-screw captured kingpins, 3 sealed gear differentials. Yet, the most impressive is the realism of the buggy. The kit comes with interior seats, rear engine cover, and fuel cell accessories.

Note: Rear tires are the same size as short course tires (2.2/3.0) The front stock tires are a bit more narrow.

Stayed tuned for all kinds of option parts and accessories for this buggy!

The release date is early January 2012.

Click Here for more information.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Axial AR60 OCP Universal Axle Set (AX30780) for the Wraith

Axial has release the universal axle set (AX30780) for the Axial Wraith RTR. The RTR Wraith came with dogbone drive shafts for the front axles, which limits the amount of steering. The universal axle increases the steering angle on the Wraith.

AX30780 Axial AR60 OCP Universal Axle Set MSRP $45.00

Friday, October 7, 2011

New Parts for the Hot Bodies TCX

Hot Bodies has released new parts for the TCX touring car. They have new pivot blocks, shock pistons, and longer solid axle cups that are pictured above. The also have new shock towers, chassis, and drive shafts for the longer solid axle cups that are not pictured.

68794 UNIVERSAL DRIVE SHAFT 46mm (STEEL/46mm/1pc)
68712 UPPER DECK (2.5mm)
68768 SHOCK PISTON 6 HOLES (1.1mm/TEFLON/2pcs)
68765 SHOCK PISTON 3 HOLES (1.2mm/TEFLON/2pcs)
68758 ALUMINUM SERVO SPACER 1mm (2pcs)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Axial Wraith Clear Body (AX04027)

Axial has just released the Clear Body for the Wraith (AX04027). Now for people who purchased the RTR, they can paint the body to the color of their choice. The clear body also comes with a sticker sheet that is pictured above.

AX04027 Wraith Clear Body MSRP $40.00

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Drive Shaft Rings for the Axial Wraith (AX30786)

Axial has released upgraded drive shaft rings (AX30786) for the Wraith. The new aluminum rings replace the stock plastic rings on the Wraith. The new aluminum rings adds durability to the drive train that protects it from rocks and from more powerful motors.

Part# AX30786 WB8 Driveshaft Retainer Rings (2pcs) Retail $5:00

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vanquish Titanium Links and Tie Rods for the Axial Wraith

Vanquish Products has new titanium links and tie rods for the Axial Wraith. The titanium drag link (VPS03100) and tie rod (VPS03110) provide precise steering because they do not bend. The stock plastic tend to bend a lot which causes inconsistent steering. The upper (VPS03121) and lower (VPS03120) links provide a stronger and smoother surface for the Wraith to crawl over rocks.

VPS03100 Drag Link MSRP $9.99
VPS03110 Tie Rod MSRP $16.99
VPS03120 Lower Links MSRP $24.99
VPS03121 Upper Links MSRP $24.99

Coming Soon, Axial Wraith Kit (AX90020)

The Axial Wraith Kit (part#AX90020) is coming soon. The kit comes with upgraded parts compared to the RTR. The kit comes with: softer tires, softer springs, aluminum lower links, universal joint axles and clear body panels to be painted to the desired color. The kit needs all the electronics (radio, esc, motor, batteries and charger).

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Axial Wraith with Gear Differential - Improve Steering

Here is an easy DIY to improve the steering and turning radius of an Axial Wraith.

By changing the front differential from a lock diff to a gear diff, will improve the steering significantly.

You need:

1 pack of AX30390 - Axial Differential Gear Set
1 pack of AX30170 - Shaft 3x22mm (2 pcs)
1 pack of AXA1162 - O-Ring 5x1mm (10 pcs)

If you want to change the rear axle to gear differential, you just need one more pack of AX30390


1. Open the diff cover and remove the internal diff cup.

2. Remove the diff locker. Install the O-Rings in the diff cup and the bevel gear.

3. Install the small diff gears into the diff cup. Don't forget to put back the diff gasket. Put some diff grease inside the diff cup.

4. Now you can put the diff back into the axle. It's that easy!

You will now notice your Wraith will turn much better.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vanquish Products Differential Covers for the Axial Wraith

Vanquish Products has new differential covers for the Axial Wraith. There are two designs of the differential covers. The top picture is the 3D differential cover and the bottom picture is the standard cover. Both diff. covers are made from CNC aluminum and are available in Black or Silver.

Part#VPS3230 3D Differential Cover Black - Retail $28.50
Part#VPS3231 3D Differential Cover Silver - Retail $28.50
Part#VPS3240 Differential Cover Black - Retail $25.00
Part#VPS3241 Differential Cover Silver - Retail $25.00

Friday, May 13, 2011

Vanquish Products IKnuckle Weights for Axial XR10

Another innovative product from Vanquish! These knuckle weights are really easy to install. Now the weight on the front axle does not have to be on the wheel so you can eliminate rotating mass. It also frees up the drive train. The Brass Knuckle weights comes in a pair. There are also additional brass rings available to add more weight.

Partno: VPS02800
The retail price is $79.99 Made in USA.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Axial Wraith is coming soon! What's it all about!

The new Axial Wraith is a truck that can do it all! Speed, crawling, handling, realism, and toughness all wrapped up in one. This truck can go fast and go over obstacles at the same time. You can now put your crawling skills with your driving skills to the test against your oppositions.

Check out the Endrocross racing. Imagine what you can do with this truck on this kind of race track!

If you prefer desert racing and rock crawling, the Wraith can do it too.

Coming Soon End of May 2011!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vanquish Incision Servo Guard for the Axial XR10

Vanquish Products has a Servo Guard for the Axial XR10. The servo guard helps protect servos during roll overs. The servo guard is available in four colors: Raw (part#VPS02400), Black (part#VPS02401), Red (part#VPS02402), and Blue (part#VPS02403).

VPS02400 Servo Guard Raw MSRP $29.99
VPS02401 Servo Guard Black MSRP $29.99
VPS02402 Servo Guard Red MSRP $29.99
VPS02403 Servo Guard Blue MSRP $29.99

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vanquish Products Axial XR10 Transmission Case in New Colors

Vanquish Products has released there Axial XR10 Transmission Case in three new colors. The three new colors are: Orange (part#VPS02322), Red (part#VPS02323), and Blue (part#VPS02324).

VPS02322 XR10 Transmission Case Orange MSRP $39.99
VPS02323 XR10 Transmission Case Red MSRP $39.99
VPS02324 XR10 Transmission Case Blue MSRP $39.99

Monday, February 21, 2011

All New Axial Crawler and Desert Racer Rumored

Seems like someone leaked the picture of a brand new Axial truck. It is rumored to be all brand new platform and axles with a schedule release date of summer 2011. The truck is inspired by the 1:1 scale versions seen at King of Hammers. It performs a combination of rock crawling and desert racing. The truck will be released as a Ready to Run (RTR). Can't wait to see the real thing!

Friday, February 18, 2011

STRC Universal Drive Shafts

STRC has Universal Drive Shaft Sets for the AE SC10/T4 (top picture) (part#STC7455) and HPI Blitz (middle picture) (part#STH103165), and Universal Drive Shafts for the Ofna Hyper 10SC (bottom picture) (part#STO21016). The drive shafts are larger in diameter than the stock drive shafts and they go though a special heat treatment to make these drive shafts more durable then the stock ones. All of the drive shafts are sold on pairs.

STC7455 Universal Drive Shaft Set AE SC10/T4 MSRP $33.99
STH103165 Universal Drive Shaft Set HPI Blitz MSRP $36.99
STO21016 Universal Drive Shafts Ofna Hyper 10SC MSRP $18.99

Thursday, February 17, 2011

AX90012 Axial Racing SCX10 Trail Ready RTR - Now with 2.4Ghz Radio

The AX90012 Axial Racing SCX10 Trail Ready RTR are now coming with 2.4Ghz radio. The speed control has not changed. This will make it easier for users to run their trucks with other people without worrying about radio interference.

New Tamiya TT-01R Type E Assembled Chassis

This new Tamiya TT-01R assembled chassis offers more than just a few option parts. The chassis is assembled and ready for a motor, ESC, radio system and the body of your choice. Now you have the benefit of owning a TT-01 car without having to build the complete car thereby having more time to enjoy driving it!

Special Parts Included:
  • CVA Super Mini Shock Set
  • Blue Anodized Aluminum Center Drive Shaft
  • Racing Tires
  • 5-Spoke Wheels
  • Aluminum Ball Connectors
  • Tuned Electric Motor
  • Blue Anodized Aluminum Turnbuckles
  • Full Ball Bearings
  • Body
  • Radio System
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC)
  • Battery
  • Charger
Find more information Here: TAM57982

Spare Parts Available: TT-01 Spare Parts

Thursday, February 10, 2011

STRC Parts for the Losi XXX SCT

STRC has new parts for the Losi XXX SCT. Pictured above are just some of the new parts. The top picture is the rear hub with zero degree toe (part#STLA4125-0). The rear hub also available with 0.5 (part#STLA4125-5) and 1.0 (part#STLA4125-1) degree toe. The second picture is the front C-Hub (part#STLA4125C). The third picture is the steering knuckle (part#STLA4125S). The next picture is the front bulkhead (part#STLA4145F). There is also a rear lower bulkhead (part#STLA4145R) available that is not pictured. The last picture is the graphite battery plate (part#STLB2410). All of the aluminum parts are available in three colors: blue, gun metal, and silver.

STLA4125-0B Rear Hub 0 degree toe Blue MSRP $29.99
STLA4125-0GM Rear Hub 0 degree toe Gun Metal MSRP $29.99
STLA4125-0S Rear Hub 0 degree toe Silver MSRP $29.99
STLA4125-1B Rear Hub 1 degree toe Blue MSRP $29.99
STLA4125-1GM Rear Hub 1 degree toe Gun Metal MSRP $29.99
STLA4125-1S Rear Hub 1 degree toe Silver MSRP $29.99
STLA4125-5B Rear Hub .5 degree toe Blue MSRP $29.99
STLA4125-5GM Rear Hub .5 degree toe Gun Metal MSRP $29.99
STLA4125-5S Rear Hub .5 degree toe Silver MSRP $29.99
STLA4125CB Front C-Hub Blue MSRP $25.99
STLA4125CGM Front C-Hub Gun Metal MSRP $25.99
STLA4125CS Front C-Hub Silver MSRP $25.99
STLA4125SB Steering Knuckle Blue MSRP $27.99
STLA4125SGM Steering Knuckle Gun Metal MSRP $27.99
STLA4125SS Steering Knuckle Silver MSRP 27.99
STLA4145FB Front Bulkhead Blue MSRP $13.99
STLA4145FGM Front Bulkhead Gun Metal MSRP $13.99
STLA4145FS Front Bulkhead Silver MSRP $13.99
STLA4145RB Rear Bulkhead Blue MSRP $16.99
STLA4145RGM Rear Bulkhead Gun Metal MSRP $16.99
STLA4145RS Rear Bulkhead Silver MSRP $16.99
STLB2410 Graphite Battery Plate MSRP $14.99

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

STRC Aluminum Turnbuckle Set for the HPI Blitz

STRC has an Aluminum Turnbuckle Set for the HPI Blitz. The turnbuckle are made from 7075-T6 aluminum and are much lighter than the stock steel turnbuckles. They come in three colors: Gun Metal (part#STH104806GM), Orange (part#STH104806O), and Silver (part#STH104806S).

STH104806GM Alum. Turnbuckle Set Gun Metal STH104806GM MSRP $28.99
STH104806O Alum. Turnbuckle Set Orange STH104806O MSRP $28.99
STH104806S Alum. Turnbuckle Set Silver STH104806S MSRP $28.99


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

STRC Aluminum Turnbuckle Set for the Traxxas Slash 2WD

STRC has new Aluminum Turnbuckle Set for the Traxxas Slash 2WD. The turnbuckles are made from 7075-T6 aluminum and are much lighter than the stock steel turnbuckle. They come in four colors: Blue (part#ST3741XB), Gun Metal (part#ST3741XGM), Red (part#ST3741XR), and Silver (part#ST3741XS).

ST3741XB Aluminum Turnbuckle Kit Blue MSRP $28.99
ST3741XGM Aluminum Turnbuckle Kit Gun Metal MSRP $28.99
ST3741XR Aluminum Turnbuckle Kit Red MSRP $28.99
ST3741XS Aluminum Turnbuckle Kit Silver MSRP $28.99