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Thursday, February 25, 2010

STRC Parts for Ofna's Hyper 10 SC 4x4

Pictured here are some of the new STRC parts for the Ofna Hyper 10 SC 4x4. Pictured first is the Derlin 42T Center Spur Gear (part#STO21037D). This Derlin spur gear is about 1/5th of the weight of the stock metal spur gear. The advantage of the derlin spur gear is quicker acceleration and more top speed. The second picture is the Center Diff. Bulkhead (part#STO21039) which provides less flex in the center bulkhead. The third picture is the Front Chassis Brace (part#STO21128) and there is a rear chassis brace not pictured (part#STO21032). The aluminum chassis braces strengthens the chassis over the stock chassis braces. Next is the Front Steering Upper Plate (STO21127). This steering plate provides strength and more precise steering than the stock unit. The last picture is the Graphite Center Plate W/ Alum. Stand Offs (part#STO21302). The center plate provides more strength to the center bulkhead.

There are a few other parts that were not pictured. They are the Aluminum Hex Adapters (part#STO21017). These alum. hexes are better than the stock plastic hexes because they do not wear out. There are also the Front Aluminum Shock Towers (part#STO21121) and the Rear Aluminum Shock Towers (part#STO21122). These shock towers will add strength and durability over the stock plastic parts they replace, since the STRC shock towers are thicker.

STO21017 Alum. Hex Adapters
STO21032 Alum. Rear Chassis Brace
STO21037D Derlin 42T Spur Gear
STO21039 Alum. Center Bulkhead
STO21128 Alum. Front Chassis Brace
STO21121 Alum. Front Shock Tower
STO21122 Alum. Rear Shock Tower
STO21127 Alum. Front Steering Plate
STO21302 Graphite Center Plate W/Alum. Stand Offs


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More STRC Parts for the Traxxas Slash 4x4

Here are a few other parts that will fit the Traxxas Slash 4x4. These parts are carried over from other Traxxas vehicles. The shock caps (part#ST2267) and the battery strap (part#ST3727) originally for the 2wd Slash carries over to the Slash 4x4. The rear a-arms (part#ST3655) for the Stampede/Rustler fit the rear a-arms on the Slash 4x4. Also, the internal differential cups (part#ST5381) for the Revo/Slayer fit too. The shock caps, battery strap, and the rear a-arms are available in four different colors of aluminum: blue, gun metal, red, and silver. While internal diff. cups come in only two colors, blue and silver.

ST2267 Shock Caps
ST3655 Rear A-Arms
ST3727 Battery Strap
ST5381 Internal Diff. Cups


Monday, February 22, 2010

Axial Role Cage Flat Bed Set

The Axial Role Cage Flat Bed Set (part#AX80046) is available for the SCX10. The flat bed set comes with the role cage, clear lexan bed and tire carrier.

AX80046 MSRP $40.00


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vanquish Products SLW4 Wheels

Pictured on top are the Vanquish SLW4 (super light weight version 4) wheels. These wheels have the same design as the Vanquish DH ProComp wheels (bottom picture). The SLW4 wheels are much lighter than the DH wheels. People can use the SLW4 wheels on the rear axle and the DH wheels on the front and have the same style of wheels for both the front and the rear. Both the SLW4 and the DH ProComp wheels are offered in black or silver and with a variety of colors for the bead lock rings.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

STRC Aluminum Parts for the Traxxas Slash 4x4

Here are some of the new parts for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 from STRC. The new shocks pictured above (part#ST3765x front shocks and part#ST3766x rear shocks) are threaded and they can also be used on the 2wd Slash. Also pictured, the new rear hubs (part#ST1952), c-hubs (part#ST6832), steering knuckles (part#ST6837), and the steering bell crank set (part#ST6845). There are also several other new parts available that are not pictured for the Slash 4x4. They are the following: 12mm hex adapters (part#ST1654), rear shock tower (part#ST6830), front shock tower (part#ST6839), center main drive shaft (part#ST6855), motor mount (part#ST6860), and motor plate (part#ST6890). All of these parts are available in blue, gunmetal, red, and silver with the exception of the center main drive shaft (part#ST6855), it is only available in gunmetal, red, and silver.

Here is the list of the new parts:
ST1654 12mm hex adapters
ST1952 rear hubs
ST3765x front shock bodies
ST3766x rear shock bodies
ST6830 rear shock tower
ST6832 c-hub
ST6837 steering knuckle
ST6839 front shock tower
ST6845 steering bell crank set
ST6855 center main drive shaft
ST6860 motor mount
ST6890 motor plate