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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Axial SCX10 Frame Set

Here is the Axial SCX10 Frame Set (part #AX30525). The frame set comes with the chassis frame rails, cross braces, radio box, battery mount, and hardware. This frame set was made to help convert a Axial AX10 into a scale crawler. The MSRP for the frame set is only $75.00, which is a good price considering everything that is included with the kit.

AX30525 MSRP $75.00


STRC Gun Metal Color parts for Traxxas Slash

The STRC parts for the Traxxas Slash are now available in a new color; gun metal. This color is good for people who do not like the bright colors of the blue and red parts. The gun metal color has a very clean and stealth look to all of the parts.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Robitronic Fail Safe

Here is the Robitronic Fail Safe (part#R01610). This is a must have for anyone who drives nitro vehicles. A fail safe is used to protect a vehicle from running away because of low voltage in the receiver battery or interference with frequency problems. The fail safe is very small in size and can fit in a receiver box with no problems. It is very simple to use with a one button setup. The fail safe is very cheap with a MSRP of $25.00.

R01610 MSRP $25.00


Monday, March 23, 2009

Tekno RC V3 Brushless Conversion Kits

Here is the Tekno Rc V3 Brushless Conversion Kit available for the Associated RC8/RC8T/SC8, Losi 8B/8T, Hot Bodies D8, Jammin' X2-CRT, and Mugan MBX5-T. The conversion kits come in two different models depending on which brushless motors people are using. One kit is for the Tekno/Neu/Castle Creations/Hacker motors and the other kit is for the Medusa/Novak/Feigao motors.

Every conversion kit comes with a 4mm 7075 T6 CNC hard anodized chassis. This eliminates having to drill your current chassis unlike other conversion kits. The chassis is also recessed to lower the CG, especially where the battery sits. The batteries in this kit sit lower than any other conversion kit on the market today.

The kit is designed to have mechanical braking by using a servo. The advantage of using a servo for braking is a cooler esc and motor and you can also adjust the front and rear brake bias. But it may require a three channel radio with mixing to be able to use the mechanical brakes depending on the setup.

The kit also comes with an Elektri-Clutch system to tune the power delivery. The clutch works just like the gas clutches. The hardened steel clutchbells will last a long time because the motor is disengaged from the drivetrain while off power. But for those who prefer direct drive, the kit is compatible with long shank 5mm bore mod 1 pinions as well.

The kits range in price retailing from $109.99 to $129.99 depending on the model of the conversion kit. This is a very good price considering you get a brand new 7075 T6 CNC chassis and all the hardware needed to convert a gas 1/8th scale to an electric buggy or truggy except for electronics.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Axle Carrier for Traxxas Revo and T/E-Maxx

Here are the TeknoRC Axle Carrier's (part# TKR1014) for the Traxxas Revo and T/E-Maxx. These heavy duty axle carriers are stronger than the originals and use 17mm hub adapters. The 17mm hub adapters allow people more options on wheels and tires since 17mm is more widely used because of truggies and other large offroad vehicles. The axle carrier's also have more ackerman adjustments than the stock carrier's.

TKR1014 MSRP $39.99


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Revo Sway Bar Kit

Here is the Traxxas Revo Sway Bar kit from TeknoRC (part# TKR1013). The Tekno sway bar kit is a good option part for people wanting their Revo to handle better. The sway bar comes in three different thicknesses all included with the kit. Having the options to adjust the sway bars will help make the truck corner faster. This sway bar kit bolts directly on the Revo with no modifications needed. The sway bar kit from Traxxas requires people to drill holes to make their sway bar kit work. Tekno's sway bars are also cheaper in price compared to the Traxxas kit. Tekno's kit retails for $24.99, while Traxxas kit retails for $30.00. The sway bar kit also fits the Traxxas E-Revo and Slayer.

TKR1013 MSRP $24.99


Monday, March 16, 2009


The STRC MIP CVD's (part# ST1953) are now available for the Traxxas Slash, Nitro Rustler, and the Nitro Stampede. The CVD's are a great upgrade for these trucks. The CVD's are stronger and operate more efficiently over the stock drive trains.

ST1953 MSRP $41.99

Friday, March 13, 2009

HBZ MRC Chassis for the Losi Mini Crawler

Here are two new chassis's for the Losi mini crawler from Hard Body'z USA. The top picture is the Web chassis (part# HBZ6413W) and the bottom picture is the Alien chassis (part# HBZ6413A). Both chassis's were designed by 2 time Axial West Coast Champion winner Ryan Gerrish. They are a direct bolt on chassis with no modifications needed. The advantages of these chassis are the optional shock mounts to adjust the center of gravity and the optional anti-squat hole. Both chassis are comp legal and retail at a very good price.

HBZ6413W MSRP $59.95 - Web

HBZ6413A MSRP $59.95 - Alien


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

STRC 4 Link Plates

Here are the STRC 4 link plates for the Axial AX10. The top picture is for the optional 4 link front servo plate (part #STA30486) that mounts the servo to the side and has space for a battery next to it. The bottom picture is the 4 link servo mount (part #STA30485) that replaces the original servo mount in the front or rear. Both 4 link servo plates come in a variety of colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, and Silver. The advantage of the 4 link suspension is it helps stabilize the crawler especially during side hill climbing compared to the stock 3 link suspension. The STRC 4 link plates are about half the price, available in six colors, and has the 4 link suspension option compared to Axial's original servo plate or the optional battery/servo plate.

STA30486 MSRP $16.99 - Optional Front 4 link plate

STA30485 MSRP $6.99 - Front/Rear 4 link plate


Monday, March 9, 2009

Axial SCX10

This is the new scale crawler from Axial (part#AX90007). The SCX10 is designed to replicate a 1 to 1 scale truck chassis. This kit is not designed to be a competition crawler. It can still do some rock crawling, but not to the extreme as the AX10 from Axial. The SCX10 is designed more for trail driving. The kit comes with 1.9 size tire from Pro-Line for a scale appearance, instead of the bigger 2.2 tire found on competition crawlers. There is also many hop-ups or optional parts for this kit already, such as aluminum shock bodies and optional springs to name a few.

AX90007 Street Price $259.99


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

STRC Battery Brace for the Traxxas Slash

Here is the STRC Battery Brace for the Traxxas Slash. The brace is available in three colors: blue (part#ST3727B), red (part#ST3727R), and silver (part#ST3727S). The battery brace has a few advantages over the stock brace. The original brace only allowed lipo battery packs to sit in the rear position in the battery box. Very few lipo battery packs could sit in the forward position because of the battery wire connection to the ESC. This brace from STRC allows all lipo battery packs to sit in the battery box in the front or rear position of the battery box. This can be an advantage on the track, since it allows people to adjust the weight distribution of the Slash.

The STRC battery bar also allows people to use side-by-side battery packs that are directly soldered to the ESC. The original brace would get in the way of the soldering tabs.

The only disadvantage of the STRC battery brace is that it does not allow the use of a 7 cell hump battery pack.

STRC3727 MSRP $10.99


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Robitronic Lap Counting System

This is the Robitronic Lap Counting System (part#RS160). The lap counting system comes with software for a computer, pc interface module, receiver module cable, pc interface serial cable, three transponders, and four receivers. The system uses inferred lights to communicate from the transponders to the receivers. Each transponder (part#RS163) has a unique number and they are very small (12mm x 16mm x 7mm), lightweight (3 grams) and more can be purchased additionally if needed. Each receiver (part#RS164) can cover up to about 1 foot width of track space. With the purchase of additional receivers, the system could support a track that is 12 feet wide.

The only thing needed for the lap counting system is a bridge for the receivers. The bridge can be made out of pvc, but can be made out of other materials (wood), and needs to be suspended 2 to 3 feet above the track.

The Robitronic Lap Counting System is very inexpensive compared to others (AMB). The street price is about $369.99 for the system.

RS160 Street Price $369.99 - Lap Counting System

RS163 MSRP $55.00 - Transponder

RS164 MSRP $46.00 - Receiver


Monday, March 2, 2009

STRC Steering Knuckles for AX10

These are the steering knuckles for the Axial AX10. The knuckle on the left is the aluminum CNC machined high clearance knuckle (part#STA80003) and the one on the right is the aluminum precision machined steering knuckle (part#STA80004). The STA80003 is designed to work with the off-set of the 8 hole revolver style rim (or wheels with the same off-set) that came with the AX10 ARTR or RTR. The STA80003 gives the maximum steering angle possible compared to the original AX80004.

The STA80004 are a direct replacement from the kits AX80004 part but in aluminum. If people have aftermarket rims with thick bead locks or rims that have a narrower offset than the stock 8 hole rim, they should use the STA80004.

Both the STA80003 and the STA80004 come in a variety of colors. They come in black, blue, green, orange, red, and silver.

STA80003 - MSRP $25.99

STA80004 - MSRP $25.99