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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Axial AX10 Behind The Axle set (BTA)

It took Axial long enough to make this part. But it's finally here...

This is what you get in the package:

This is what it looks like installed on an Axial AX10:
This setup comes with Axial's high clearance steering knuckles and front battery tray.

Part #: AX30533
Retail: $75.00
Street: $55.00


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hot Bodies 2.2 Rover tires (Pink Compound)

These tires came out quicker than we thought. The press release was less than a week ago and these arrived on our door step today.

The tread pattern is slightly different from the original white or blue compound.

Description: 2.2 Hot Bodies Rover Tires - Pink Compound
Part: #67916
Retail: $30.00/pair


Friday, January 22, 2010

Axial West Coast Qualifying Series 2010

This weekend is the first stop of the Axial west coast tour. The winners of each class will be invited to Axial's West Coast Championship. Who will be crowned Axial King of 2010? I guess you will just have wait and find out. If you are around the area, come scope out the latest and greatest. Hopefully Axial will be showing off something new.

By the way... Axial just bought an RV. It's going to be all wrapped up with graphics. Let's see what Greg (the marketing manager) at Axial came up with. Make sure you shake the RV a few times for us.

Robert will also be there to hand out some Vanquish Products goodies. He has hats, shirts, and stickers. Go bug him!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Axial Light Bucket Set (Chrome) - AX80053

Accessorize your truck with lights! Hop-up it up with the Axial Night Vision System and these new bucket lights and you're ready to go off-roading in the dark.
*Picture stolen from Axial's blog.

Included in this set:
(2) AX80045A - Chrome light bucket housing tree
(2) AX80045B - Chrome light bucket housing tree

(2) AX80049 - Yellow lens set
(2) AX80049 - Clear lens set

(1) Pack of mounting screws

You can create overhead long range lights, low fog lights, side markers, and rear tail lights with these buckets. If you are looking for a realistic look, you need to pickup a set of these.


Brandon from Axial's build thread #1: click here
Brandon from Axial's build thread #2: click here


Friday, January 8, 2010

Robitronic Stinger EB-1 Race Buggy

Here is the Robitronic Stinger EB-1 Buggy that has been upgraded for racing. The new parts used were the Hot Bodies bumper/wing mount set, high down force wing, fullslot front and megabite rear tires. Lunsford titanium turnbuckles for the Kyosho RB5 with Traxxas rod ends. A Kyosho Sword body for the RB5 was also used.

The wing mount and rear body mount from the Hot Bodies bumper/wing mount set was used by drilling a total of 5, 3mm holes into the rear shock tower. The Lunsford titanium turnbuckles were a direct fit with the Traxxas rod ends. Only the front upper camber link needed to use the outer hole the c-hub to make it fit. To make the body fit, the front and the rear end needed to be cut shorter and the bottom of the body needed to be cut about a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch lower than the original cut line. The Hot Bodies tires were used for better grip on the track.

61427 - Hot Bodies Bumper/Wing Mount Set

61524 - Hot Bodies High Down Force Wing Set

67974 - Hot Bodies Fullslot Tires (Pink/2wd/Front)

67961 - Hot Bodies Megabite Tires (Pink /Rear)

Lunsford Titanium Turnbuckles for the Kyosho RB5

1942 - Traxxas Rod Ends & Flange Balls

UMB02 - Kyosho Sword Body for RB5