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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1.9 Maxxis Trepador Tires From Axial (AX12019)

Axial has released officially licensed 1.9 Maxxis Trepador Tires (AX12019).  The tires come in Axial's R35 rubber compound.  The aggressive tread pattern provides excellent traction on mud, rock, sand and everything in between, just like their 1:1 counterpart. These tires also feature a multi-stage staggered shoulder pattern providing improved control, even in the most difficult off-road terrain.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Vanquish Products Trailing Arms for the Vaterra Twin Hammer

Vanquish Products released Trailing Arms for the Vaterra Twin Hammer.  They are available in two colors: Black (VPS06906) and Silver (VPS06907).  Listed are a few features of the Trailing Arms.

  • Made for a replacement of stock trailing arms.
  • Precision 3D CNC Machined From High Grade Aluminum.
  • Unique adjustable tension Ball End Retainers.
  • True Scale Look with miniature scale weld on the fish-plate reinforcements.
  • Ability to mount double shocks or relocate a single shock.Shock mounting holes are below the (theoretical) line between the two ball joint to help prevent the arms from flopping around side to side.

  • Thursday, August 15, 2013

    Looking for Scale Accessories for your Scale RC Truck? Pro-line has Three New Scale Accessory Kits.

    Pro-Line had three new scale accessory kits.  Top Picture is the Scale Accessory #8 (part# 6105-00).  The kit comes with a Race Style Fuel Cell, Nitro Bottle with mounting bracket, Dual Fuel Pumps, Fuel Pressure Regulator and bulk flexible fuel line.

    The middle picture is the Scale Accessory #9 (part# 6106-00).  The kit comes with a Portable Gas grill with removable lid and grate, a Propane bottle, Mini Keg, and Flexible Gas line.

    The bottom picture is the Scale Accessory #10 (part# 6107-00).  The kit comes with a Realistic looking Short and Long Drive Shafts, 2x Axles, Air Locker with Ring Gear Detail, Pinion Gear and a Portable Air Compressor.

    Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    Axial has Steel Gears to Beef Up the Transmission in the SCX10 and Wraith (AX30708)

    If you are tired of replacing the plastic gears in the transmission in the Axial SCX10 and/or Wraith, Axial released new Steel Gears (AX30708) for the transmission.   The Steel Gears come as a set of three and are more durable than the plastic gears.  The steel gears are perfect for people using large brushless motors and/or three or four cell LiPo's. 

    Wednesday, August 7, 2013

    Tired of Breaking Center Drive Shafts for the Axial SCX10 or Wraith? MIP Center Drive Shafts (MIP10145, MIP11116)

    If you are tired of breaking the plastic center drive shafts for the Axial SCX10 or Wraith, MIP made these heavy duty center drive shafts made from Alloy Steel.  These steel drive shafts are almost impossible to break.

    The Axial SCX10 part number is MIP10145 and has a MSRP of $65.00.

    The Axial Wraith part number is MIP11116 and has a MSRP of $75.00.