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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Holmes Hobbies Torque Master Sport Motor (HH-SP45)

Holmes Hobbies has a Torque Master Sport (part#HH-SP45) 45 turn machined wound motor designed for rock crawling. The motor includes ball bearings. The 45 turn motor has plenty of torque to get you crawler out of some tough situations, but still has enough speed when a rock crawling course requires that too.

HH-SP45 Holmes Hobbies Torque Master Sport Motor MSRP $24.99


Thursday, August 26, 2010


The TorqueMaster BR-XL (part#HH-TMBRXL) is a whole new ESC for crawlers. It has been designed from the ground up to meet the rigorous demands of low speed control and high speed power. 5 amp 6 volt on board switchmode BEC delivers unbelievable servo power at any input voltage. Huge 80 amp continuous rating. Most impressive is the 6s lipo maximum input voltage, giving even the most power hungry drivers what they want.

Comes stock with Auto lipo LVC, Full drag brake, instant reverse, and 100% reverse throttle settings.

1 year warranty
2s to 6s lipo input
onboard 6v 5a switchmode BEC
38 grams (with battery wires)
Brushed only
80a continuous, no single 540 motor limit

Reverse and brake adjustment
Regenerative Drag Brake
Active Hold Brake (The Holmes Hold!)
Quiet mode

Dual motor supers, go fast racers, wheel speed trail junkies, pullin mofo's, and any brushed fanatic will love it!

Super easy Stick programming. Fully Computer programmable via Castle Creations Castle Link with instant firmware upgrades!



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Robitronic Avid V2 Setups (R39101)

The stock settings following the instructions for the Robitronic Avid V2 is a very good base setup. There are more setups on for different types of tracks and track conditions, that may help improve the cars handling. Here is the link for these setups:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Axial XR10 (AX90017)

Arriving soon it the Axial XR10 competition MOA (motor on axle) rock crawler (part#AX90017). Listed on our website at, are the instructions, parts list, description, measurements, and parts required for the new rock crawler. The link to listed below:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Robitronic Lap Counting System (RS160)

Robitronic has an affordable Lap Counting System (part#RS160). The lap counting system comes with 3 transponders, 4 receivers, interface module, receiver module cable, computer interface cable, and software for the PC. The only thing needed for the system to work it a bridge needs to be constructed to hold the receivers about two feet off the ground. Most people build the bridge with either PVC pipes or 2x2 or 2x4 pieces of wood.

The transponder system uses infrared lights for the transponder and receiver to communicate with each other. The receivers can each read about a foot width of the track. The 4 receivers that come with the system can read about a track that is 5 feet wide. If you need the track to be wider, additional receivers may be purchased separately (part#RS164). The track can be as wide as 12 feet by using all 11 receiver positions on the receiver module cable. Also, if you are running more than 3 vehicles on the track, extra transponders may be purchased separately (part#RS163).

RS160 Transponder System - Street Price is Under $400.00
RS163 Transponders - MSRP $55.00
RS164 Receivers - MSRP $46.00


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hot Bodies 1/10th Scale Buggy Tires

Hot Bodies makes off road tires for 1/10th scale buggy. The front tires come in three different compounds: white (hard), red (medium), and pink (soft). The rear tires come in two compounds: red (medium) and pink (soft). The top picture is the Double Blades front tires for 2wd buggy (part #67739 white, 67779 red, and 67987 pink). The second picture it the Fullslot front tires for either 2wd buggy (part #67783 white, 67778 red, and 67974 pink) or 4wd buggy (part #67782 white, 67775 red, and 67964 pink). The middle picture is the Beams buggy rear tires (part#67774 red and 67784 pink). The next picture is the Gigabite buggy rear tires (part#67776 red and 67962 pink). The last picture is the Megabite buggy rear tires (part #67777 red and 67961 pink).

67739 Double Blades 2wd Fr. White MSRP $15.00
67779 Double Blades 2wd Fr. Red MSRP $15.00
67987 Double Blades 2wd Fr. Pink MSRP $17.00

67783 Fullslot 2wd Fr. White MSRP $16.00
67778 Fullslot 2wd Fr. Red MSRP $16.00
67974 Fullslot 2wd Fr. Pink MSRP $17.00

67782 Fullslot 4wd Fr. White MSRP $16.00
67775 Fullslot 4wd Fr. Red MSRP $16.00
67964 Fullslot 4wd Fr. Pink MSRP $17.00

67774 Beams Red MSRP $16.00
67784 Beams Pink MSRP $17.00

67776 Gigabite Red MSRP $16.00
67962 Gigabite Pink MSRP $17.00

67777 Megabite Red MSRP $14.50
67961 Megabite Pink MSRP $17.00


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Option Parts for the Robitronic Avid V2

Pictured above are some new option parts for the Robitronic Avid V2. The top picture is the 2.0mm Upper Deck (part#Ra0335). The 2.omm upper deck is thinner than the original 2.5mm upper deck. The thinner upper deck will offer more chassis flex to the car and provide more traction on low to medium bite surfaces. The second picture is the Front Chassis Stiffener (part#RA0337). The front chassis stiffener will help prevent cars from traction rolling on high bit surfaces. The bottom picture is the Zero Angle CVD Build Set (part#RA0339). The zero angle cvd's will stop the car's front wheels from chattering while going through corners.

RA0335 2.0mm Upper Deck MSRP $34.00
RA0337 Front Chassis Stiffener MSRP $15.00
RA0339 Zero Angle CVD Build Set MSRP $30.00


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coming Soon, Hot Bodies TCX (68700)

Coming soon is the new Hot Bodies TCX (part#68700) touring car. The new TCX has a narrower chassis then the previous Cyclone TC. The TCX also features a new belt layout that moves the electronics and motor closer to the center of the chassis for better balance with LiPo batteries.

68700 Hot Bodies TCX


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vanquish Products Rock Crawling Chassis

Picture above are the rock crawling chassis from Vanquish Products. The chassis come in two colors: black and silver. The top picture is the chassis for the Axial AX10 (part#VPS01335 Black and VPS01334 Silver). The bottom picture is the chassis for the MOA (motor on axle) chassis (part#VPS01331 Black and VPS01332 Silver). Both of the chassis offer multiple adjustments for shock and link positions.

VPS01335 Vanquish Products Axial AX10 Chassis Black MSRP $59.99
VPS01334 Vanquish Products Axial AX10 Chassis Silver MSRP $59.99

VPS01331 Vanquish Products MOA Chassis Black MSRP $59.99
VPS01332 Vanquish Products MOA Chassis Silver MSRP $59.99


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vanquish Products Steering Knuckles for Axial AX10

Pictured above are the steering knuckles for the Axial AX10 from Vanquish Products. The knuckles are made from CNC 6061 aluminum and come in two colors: black and silver. The top picture is the High Steering Knuckle (part#VPS01171 Black and VPS01172 Silver). The bottom picture is the High Steering Knuckle Zero Ackermann (part#VPS01177 Black and VPS01178 Silver). The zero ackermann knuckles offers a different steering radius compared to the regular steering knuckles.

VPS01171 High Steering Knuckle Black MSRP $34.99
VPS01172 High Steering Knuckle Silver MSRP $34.99

VPS01177 High Steering Knuckle Zero Ackermann Black MSRP $34.99
VPS01178 High Steering Knuckle Zero Ackermann Silver MSRP $34.99