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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vanquish Titanium Links and Tie Rods for the Axial Wraith

Vanquish Products has new titanium links and tie rods for the Axial Wraith. The titanium drag link (VPS03100) and tie rod (VPS03110) provide precise steering because they do not bend. The stock plastic tend to bend a lot which causes inconsistent steering. The upper (VPS03121) and lower (VPS03120) links provide a stronger and smoother surface for the Wraith to crawl over rocks.

VPS03100 Drag Link MSRP $9.99
VPS03110 Tie Rod MSRP $16.99
VPS03120 Lower Links MSRP $24.99
VPS03121 Upper Links MSRP $24.99

Coming Soon, Axial Wraith Kit (AX90020)

The Axial Wraith Kit (part#AX90020) is coming soon. The kit comes with upgraded parts compared to the RTR. The kit comes with: softer tires, softer springs, aluminum lower links, universal joint axles and clear body panels to be painted to the desired color. The kit needs all the electronics (radio, esc, motor, batteries and charger).

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Axial Wraith with Gear Differential - Improve Steering

Here is an easy DIY to improve the steering and turning radius of an Axial Wraith.

By changing the front differential from a lock diff to a gear diff, will improve the steering significantly.

You need:

1 pack of AX30390 - Axial Differential Gear Set
1 pack of AX30170 - Shaft 3x22mm (2 pcs)
1 pack of AXA1162 - O-Ring 5x1mm (10 pcs)

If you want to change the rear axle to gear differential, you just need one more pack of AX30390


1. Open the diff cover and remove the internal diff cup.

2. Remove the diff locker. Install the O-Rings in the diff cup and the bevel gear.

3. Install the small diff gears into the diff cup. Don't forget to put back the diff gasket. Put some diff grease inside the diff cup.

4. Now you can put the diff back into the axle. It's that easy!

You will now notice your Wraith will turn much better.