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Monday, July 7, 2014

Vanquish Products has New 12mm Clamping Hex Hubs for the Axial SCX10 and Wraith

Vanquish Products has new 12mm Clamping Hex Hubs for the Axial SCX10 and Wraith.  The 12mm clamping hex hubs are sold in pairs and are available in three colors: Silver (part#VPS07080), Grey (part#VPS07081), and Black (part#VPS07082).

  • Vanquish Products 6061-T6 aluminum 12mm hex hub
  • Clamping hex helps alleviate pin breakage, when stub shafts rotate and hex does not
  • Tighter tolerances for better stub shaft fitment
  • Includes 2pcs: Vanquish Products 12mm hex hubs, 2pcs 2-56 SHCS screws

  • Wednesday, July 2, 2014

    Vanquish Products has New Poison Spyder Brawler Rockers

    Vanquish Products had new Poison Spyder Brawler Rockers for the Axial SCX10.  They are available on three colors: Black (part#VPS07093), Grey (part#VPS07092), and Silver (part#VPS07091).

    Product Details:

    Officially licensed Poison Spyder Brawler Rockers™

    The ultimate scale slider.

  • Created with body protection and aesthetics in mind
  • Comes with side angled skid plates, which helps raise ground clearance at the sliders and helps eliminate getting stuck from foreign objects between the side rail mounts
  • Comes with body tabs that pinch the body between the slider and the tabs, eliminating bodies being folded in from rocks
  • Reduces amount of body movement, providing a more scale and realistic trail ride
  • Provides maximum in scale realism
  • Details have been machined to be a scale copy of the 1:1 Poison Spyder Rocker Knocker™

    Includes the Following:
  • 2pcs 6061-T6 sets, left and right sliders with vertical body armor inserts
  • 4pcs 6061-T6 redesigned angled frame rail supports
  • 12pcs 6061-T6 body tabs
  • 2pcs Delrin skids plates for frame rail supports
  • 18pcs M3x0.5 10mm SHCS
  • 4pcs M3x0.5 10mm SHCS
  • 22pcs 2-56 3/32 SSS
  • 8pcs M3x0.5 6mm FHCS
  • 1pc 0.035 allen wrench
  • 1pc Instructions