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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rock Crawling Course

A rocking crawling course is an inexpensive way to attract customers into your store. There is not much maintenance involved and you could host competitions easily. All you need is a small area and some obstacles. Here are a few examples:

Rock Mountain (real rock)
Picture from Superior Hobbies, Casselberry, FL.

Rock Trail (real rock)
Picture from HobbyTown USA, Concord, CA.

Rock Trail (real rock)
Picture from Remote Control Hobbies, Aurora, CO.

Rock Boards (foam & liner)
Picture from Jake’s Performance Hobbies, Rohnert Park, CA. & Axial Racing.

Rocks can be found anywhere and could be bought at an inexpensive price. You can even ask some of your customers if they can get some for you. If you cannot get rocks, Axial shows you how to make some artificial ones. Here is a link: For little to no cost, these courses are a lot of fun and will entertain a crowd of people in your store.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Robitronic Servo Horns

Here are the Robitronic aluminum servo horns (part#R17001-KO, Sanwa, JR), (part#R17002-Hi-Tec), (part#R17003-Futaba). These new servo horns clamp down with the two screws onto the servo, which makes them harder to come off. This also eliminates slop that could strip the servo horn that are common with other brands. They fit in most vehichle, but especially good for rock crawling, touring cars, and 1/8 scale buggies and truggies for the steering servos.

R17001 MSRP $14.00 - KOPropo, Sanwa, JR

R17002 MSRP $14.00 - Hi-Tec

R17003 MSRP $14.00 - Futaba


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

STRC Hinge Pins

Here is the new STRC Hinge Pins for the Traxxas Stampede, Rustler, Slash, and Bandit. They come in two colors, black (part#ST3640BK) and silver(part#ST3640S). The STRC hinge pins are a good upgrade for these car since they are stronger than the original hinge pins. These hinge pins use lock-nuts to hold the pins in place. This eliminates the use of e-clips and secures the threaded hinge pins that could come unscrewed from the a-arms. Since there will be no threaded hinge pins in the a-arms, it makes the a-arms smoother and free from binding.

STRC3640BK MSRP $16.99

STRC3640S MSRP $16.99


Monday, February 23, 2009

Tamiya F1 Body

This is the Tamiya Type M body (part#TAM84024) for the Tamiya F103 car. The body come clear with plastic front and rear wings. The body looks very realistic and can be painted just like a real Formula1 car.

TAM84024 MSRP - $40


Tamiya F103 (Limited Edition)

Here is the Tamiya F103 15th Anniversary Limited Edition car (part#TAM84056). If people are looking for a realistic looking Formula 1 car, this is the car to get. This car comes with all of the upgraded aluminum and graphite parts that was available for the original F103. The street price for this car is about $220. This is a very good deal because the car comes fully upgraded. The kit does not come with a body, it is sold seperately.

TAM84056 Street Price $220


Friday, February 20, 2009

DNA Sniper Wheels

Here are the DNA Sniper 2.2 Wheels for the Axial AX10 (part#DNA310), Wheelie King/Berg (part#DNA206). They are made from solid aluminum and weigh 6.5 oz's for each wheel. The weight of the wheels are better for crawling since it lowers the crawlers center of gravity and also adds traction to the wheels. DNA also changed the offset of the wheels for better handling. DNA also make the Sniper Wheels in 1.9 for the Losi Mini Crawler (part#DNA403) and they weigh 4oz's for each wheel.

DNA310 MSRP $99.00 - for Axial AX10

DNA206 MSRP $99.00 - for Wheelie King/Berg

DNA403 MSRP $79.00 - for Losi Mini Crawler


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tamiya Tuner Kit

This is the tuner kit from Tamiya (part#TAM54139). The tuner kit is good for people trying to make their rc cars look more realistic. This is the first kit that I have seen that the brake rotors comes in different sizes. The front rotors are bigger than the back, which is just like a real car. The kit also comes with mirrors, windshield wipers, exhaust, and an inter cooler. Drifters and people who are running RCGT ( will really like this kit because it has pretty much everything in it and at an affordable too, only $17.50.