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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Short Course Tire from Hot Bodies

Hot Bodies has released a new short course tire called the Rodeoo (part#61748). Keeping true to the realistic short course truck appearance, these tires have a spec appearance but boast HB's exclusive Pink compound that is far superior to any spec tire available. In addition to that, the HB pink compound works as good if not better than any other tire in the race market. Spec looks and championship performance all together in one versatile tire.

61748 Rodeoo MSRP $21.00


Monday, June 28, 2010

New SSZ-11 Wheels from Vanquish Products

Vanquish Products has released their new SSZ-11 wheels. They are sold in pairs and come in two colors: Black (part#VPS01700) and Silver (part#VPS01701). These new SSZ-11 wheels uses the SLW hexes for the wheels which is sold separately. The new wheel design hides the wheel nut just like the Vanquish SSZ-9 wheels. On these new wheels, the hexes are put on the axle first and then the wheel is screwed into the hexes.

VPS01700 SSZ-11 Black MSRP $69.00
VPS01701 SSZ-11 Silver MSRP $69.00


Friday, June 25, 2010

New Short Course Tire from Hot Bodies

Hot Bodies has released a new short course tire called Beams (part#61757). The Beams tires are suitable for hard & dry off-road surfaces such as hard-packed clay and 'blue groove' high bite conditions. These tires also work great on indoor tracks. The tires made in the Hot Bodies pink compound which is their softest and they are sold in pairs.

61757 Beams SC Tires MSRP $21.00


Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Vanquish Products SSZ-9 Wheels

Pictured above are the new SSZ-9 wheels from Vanquish Products. They come in two colors: black (part#VPS01704) and silver (part#VPS01705). The wheels use a single sided clamp ring bead lock and a high strength plastic internal bead retainer ring. The wheel uses SLW style hub offsets (sold separately). There is also a air relief channel allows free flowing air to escape the wheel if it is drilled to allow venting.

VPS01704 SSZ-9 Black MSRP $69.00
VPS01705 SSZ-9 Silver MSRP $69.00


Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot Bodies Tires for the Baja 5B

Pictured above are the Hot Bodies tires for the Baja 5B. The top picture is the Double Blades (part#69766), which is a front tire for the 5B. The second picture is the Proto tire (part#67969); this is a rear tire with large tread lugs, these tires are durable and still provide excellent grip making them good all around tires that are best suited for soft terrain and long mains. The bottom picture is the Khaos tire (part#67972); this is a rear tire that has been designed specifically to suit a range of off-road racing conditions, and are perfect for loose dirt, clay, blue groove and damp tracks. They also work great on hard surfaces with a scattering of dust on top. All of these tires comes in Hot Bodies white compound.

67966 Double Blades MSRP $38.00
67969 Proto MSRP $42.00
67972 Khaos MSRP $42.00


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vanquish Products Star Lube Grease (VPS01017)

Picture above is the Vanquish Products Star Lube Grease (part#VPS01017). This star lube grease is a high quality synthetic grease blend. The size of the container is one ounce. The grease can be used in many applications (gear diffs, ball diffs, transmissions, etc.).

VPS01017 Star Lube Grease MSRP $8.00


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Hot Bodies Tires for Short Course Trucks

Hot Bodies has released two new tires for short course trucks. Pictured above are the Megabite tires (part#61742)(top) and the Megagrid tires (part#61754)(bottom). Both tires come in the pink compound which is Hot Bodies softest compound and sold in pairs. The Megabite tire should work well on clay, hard packed, and blue grooved surfaces. The Megagrid tires should work well on a loose top surface with a hard packed bottom.

61742 HB Megabite MSRP $21.00
61754 HB Megagrid MSRP $21.00


Monday, June 14, 2010

STRC Parts For The SC10 Are Now Available In Gun Metal

STRC has now released parts for the Associated SC10 in Gun Metal. Pictured above are the parts that are available in gun metal: Caster Blocks (STC7919GM), Steering Knuckle (STC7921GM), Rear Hub Carriers 0 Degrees (STC9584GM), Front Body Mount Plate (STC9820FGM), and Rear Body Mount Plate (STC9820RGM). The caster blocks, steering knuckle, and the rear hub will also fit the Associated B4 and T4.

STC7919GM Caster Blocks MSRP $19.99
STC7921GM Steerng Knuckle MSRP $19.99
STC9584GM Rear Hub MSRP $21.99
STC9820FGM Front Body Mount MSRP $9.99
STC9820RGM Rear Body Mount MSRP $16.99


Friday, June 11, 2010

New SCX10TR Link Set (AX30549 and AX30550)

Pictured above are the new linkage sets for the SCX10. The top picture is the linkage set (AX30549) for the Dingo or other bodies that have a similar wheelbase of 11.4" or 290mm. The bottom picture is the linkage set (AX30550) for the Honcho or other bodies that have a wheelbase of 12.3" or 313mm. These linkage sets are designed to change the SCX10TR (Trail Ready) vehicles to all aluminum links. The link set includes the hardware and links needed to upgrade to a 3 or 4 link setup using the 4 link mount included in the TR series of products.

AX30549 SCX10TR Link Set 11.4" (290mm) MSRP $75.00
AX30550 SCX10TR Link Set 12.3" (313mm) MSRP $75.00


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New In-Line Steering Knuckle for the HPI Blitz

Pictured above are the new In-Line Steering Knuckle (part#STH100312) for the HPI Blitz from STRC. They are available in two colors: orange and silver. The new steering knuckle gives the Blitz more steering compared to the stock knuckles.

STH100312O In-Line Steering Knuckle Orange MSRP $20.99
STH100312S In-Line Steering Knuckle Silver MSRP $20.99


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vanquish Products Shock Razors (VP01044)

Pictured above is the Shock Razor(part#VP01044) from Vanquish Products. The shock razor mounts on the axial and move the shock above the lower link. The shock in the original position would bind on the lower link with the shocks lower spring retainer. The advantage of having the shock over the link is now the shock does not bind on the lower link.

VP01044 Vanquish Products Shock Razor Retail $14.99