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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Edgewood Middle School R/C Race

How nice is it to have a track at your school? We visited Edgewood Middle School in West Covina, California for an after school race. A bunch of kids showed up for this event. In order for the kids to participate, they needed good grades. Just like any sport, they weren't allowed to join the r/c club if they didn't do well in school.

Charlie from the OC Race Circuit came out to announce and record lap times. He also handed out trophies to the top 3 racers. Tony from RC Driver magazine also came out to snap some photos for their upcoming magazine. Of course, Robitronic was there to support the club by help organizing the event, donating tools to the r/c club, and loaning out some cars. Tony's hobbies donated some CA glue to the r/c club as well.

If you thought the Traxxas Slash was durable, you need to check out the Robitronic Stinger's. We lent out 3 buggies and nothing broke. One of the top organizers from the school, Manny was shocked that the kids didn't break anything. A lot of the racers were first time drivers.

This is definitely a good way to keep kids occupied and happy. Looking at their surroundings, they could have been easily swayed to trouble. After school racing keeps them on track.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Robitronic Doube Arm & L-Shape Servo Horn

Robitronic Double Arm Servo Arm (Flat)
Thickness: 2mm
Mounting holes from center: 20mm and 24mm

R17017R - 23T - JR, KO,Airtronics - $15.00
R17018R - 24T - Hitec - $15.00
R17019R - 25T - Futaba - $15.00

Robitronic L-Shape Arm Servo Arm
Thickness: 2mm
Mounting holes from center: 20mm and 24mm

R17014R - 23T - JR, KO,Airtronics - $15.00
R17015R - 24T - Hitec - $15.00
R17016R - 25T - Futaba - $15.00

Robitronic Double Arm Servo Arm (Stepped)
Thickness: 2mm
Offset Height: 2mm
Mounting holes from center: 20mm and 24mm

R17011R - 23T - JR, KO,Airtronics - $15.00
R17012R - 24T - Hitec - $15.00
R17013R - 25T - Futaba - $15.00


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Robitronic Clamp-Style Servo Arm (Short)


Robitronic hit the mark on their servo arm. Not only is it made out of high-grade aluminum but they also incorporate side screws for a tighter mesh. It will be very hard to strip your servo arm now.

A new version of the popular Robitronic servo arm is now shorter. It is about 4mm shorter to give you more options. Take a look at the difference in the picture above.

This item seems to be very popular with rock crawlers, racers, and bashers.

Regular MSRP: $14.00
Short MSRP: $12.00


Friday, October 9, 2009

Ferrari F1 made from Puma Clothes

Axial Fender Flares, Front Bumper, Rock Rails, & Interior Kit

Scale crawlers are gaining popularity. Axial just shipped a bunch of accessories for the scale crawlers. All these pieces can be used to customize your crawler or truck.

The interior kit includes a lexan seat and dash, and black interior trims. What a new way to compliment the body. The lexan interior is paint-able. The picture above was painted by Bender from Axial. He matched the interior color with the exterior color.

If you are planning on just buying the Interior Detail Parts Tree (AX80037) by Axial, you might as well by the complete interior kit. It's about a $10.00 difference.

After you get this kit, all you need is a mini cooler and a figurine to complete the interior.
Running boards or rock boards are cool too. Most SUV's and trucks you see out there by all come with running boards. It would be hard for short people to get in a truck without some kind of booster. Rock boards would be a good match with the fender flares (pictured below.)
Fender flares are one of the must haves for all trucks. It doesn't matter if you are into rock crawling or bashing, flares make your truck look manly. Wider is better. What's neat is that you can add these flares to almost any body. How about adding these to the Axial Samurai body or maybe a Traxxas T-Maxx?
The massive front bumper with lights really give crawlers the authentic touch. Just imagine this bumper with a winch attached to it. This setup would make any enthusiast drool.

AX80039A - Front Bumper Set - $16.00
AX80040 - Fender Flare Set - $26.00
AX80041 - Rock Rails - $18.00
AX4011 - Interior Kit - $25.00


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Axial 28RR-2 Engine

Axial just released their updated .28RR engine. The engine is now all black. This engine will give you 500 more rpm's than the older one. The original .28RR is now discontinued. Another reliable engine by Axial.

AX0331 - MSRP: $199.00

- James

Robitronic Stinger with Mamba Max

We wondered how the buggy would react to a Mamba Max 7700kv motor. This is what happened:

As you can see, it was a lot of fun. We used a stock Stinger buggy with a Hot Bodies 1/10 wing and mount. We added a Mamba 7700kv motor powered by a Robitronic 5200mah 25C LiPo battery with aluminum turnbuckles and 12mm STRC hex adapters, and that is what we got.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

STRC Skid Plates for Traxxas Mini Slash & E-Revo

STRC Front and Mid HD Skid Plates
Fits: 1/16 Traxxas Slash & E-Revo
Colors: Anodized Red, Blue, Silver
Model: ST7037FM
MSRP: $23.99

Fits: 1/16 Traxxas Slash & E-Revo
Colors: Anodized Red, Blue, Silver
Model: ST7037R
MSRP: $18.99

The red skid plates match the mini E-Revo's push rods. STRC is really good at color matching and color consistency. All the parts are a great fit without any modifications. Don't get something that breaks, get STRC.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Axial SCX10 Trail Ready (TR)

The Axial SCX10 Trail Ready RTR has arrived! Now shipping to a hobby store nearest you.
Not only do you get a scale looking truck, but you also get the awesome packaging.

It comes with LED lights, a massive front bumper, fender flares, roll cage, running boards, Proline tires, 8-hole wheels, and you can't forget the Dingo body.

Other features: a rear spare tire and 4wd.

#AX90012 - MAP $299.00

*Axial has setup new MAP pricing, so hobby stores are not allowed to undercut each other. If you see any prices lower than MAP, please report it to Axial.