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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Edgewood Middle School R/C Race

How nice is it to have a track at your school? We visited Edgewood Middle School in West Covina, California for an after school race. A bunch of kids showed up for this event. In order for the kids to participate, they needed good grades. Just like any sport, they weren't allowed to join the r/c club if they didn't do well in school.

Charlie from the OC Race Circuit came out to announce and record lap times. He also handed out trophies to the top 3 racers. Tony from RC Driver magazine also came out to snap some photos for their upcoming magazine. Of course, Robitronic was there to support the club by help organizing the event, donating tools to the r/c club, and loaning out some cars. Tony's hobbies donated some CA glue to the r/c club as well.

If you thought the Traxxas Slash was durable, you need to check out the Robitronic Stinger's. We lent out 3 buggies and nothing broke. One of the top organizers from the school, Manny was shocked that the kids didn't break anything. A lot of the racers were first time drivers.

This is definitely a good way to keep kids occupied and happy. Looking at their surroundings, they could have been easily swayed to trouble. After school racing keeps them on track.


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