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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vanquish Products XR10 Transmission Case

Vanquish Products has a new Transmission Case for the Axial XR10. The transmission case are made from aluminum and comes in two colors: Black (part#VPS02320) and Silver (part#VPS02321). The transmission case come with one gear case housing and gear case housing cover, one peekie cover, ball bearings and hardware.

VPS02320 Transmission Case Black MSRP $39.99
VPS02321 Transmission Case Silver MSRP $39.99


Friday, December 10, 2010

New Vanquish Gear Guard for the Axial AX10/SCX10

Vanquish Products has just released a new Gear Guard for the Axial AX10 and SCX10. The gear guard is designed to keep out wires and other things that might get caught in the gears. The guard come in two colors: Black (part#VPS02200) and Silver (part#VPS02201).

VPS02200 Gear Guard Black MSRP $29.00
VPS02201 Gear Guard Silver MSRP $29.00


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Wheel Hex from STRC for the HPI Blitz

STRC has came out with new Wheel Hex Adapters (part#STH103362) for the HPI Blitz. The wheel hex adapters are made from CNC aluminum and comes in two colors: Orange and Silver.

STH103362O Hex Adapters Orange MSRP $17.99

STH103362S Hex Adapters Silver MSRP $17.99


Monday, November 29, 2010

New STRC Skid Plates for the HPI Blitz

STRC has releases new Front (top picture)(part#STH103328F) and Rear (bottom picture)(part#STH103328R) Skid Plates for the HPI Blitz. The skid plates are made from CNC aluminum and are available in Orange and Silver.

STH103328FO Front Skid Plate Orange MSRP $18.99
STH103328FS Front Skid Plate Silver MSRP $18.99
STH103328FO Front Skid Plate Orange MSRP $17.99
STH103328FS Front Skid Plate Silver MSRP $17.99


Friday, November 19, 2010

Vanquish Products DH2 ProComp Wheels

Vanquish Products has just released their new DH2 ProComp Wheels. The new wheels can be adjusted into three different widths: 0.835", 0.960", or 1.035". Now people do not have to buy three sets of wheels with different widths. The new DH2 wheels is three wheels for the price of one. The wheels still use the same wheel hexes as the original DH ProComp wheels (sold separately). The bullet (part#VPS01156) and stainless steel (part#VPS01065) weights also fit the the new wheels. The DH2 wheels are sold in pairs with all the hardware screws and come in three different colors: Raw (part#VPS02300), Black (part#VPS02301), and Silver (part#VPS02302). The wheel hexes, beadlock rings, and wheel weights are sold separately.

VPS02300 DH2 ProComp Wheels Raw MSRP $49.99
VPS02301 DH2 ProComp Wheels Black MSRP $55.99
VPS02302 DH2 ProComp Wheels Silver MSRP $55.99


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

STRC Parts for the Traxxas Mini Rally

STRC has parts for the Traxxas Mini Rally. Many of the same parts that fit the Traxxas Mini Slash and Mini E-Revo fit the Mini Rally. Pictured above are some of the parts that fit the Mini Rally. Top picture is the Push Rods (part#ST7018-55). The second picture is the Rear Skid Plate (part#ST7037R). The third picture is the Finned Motor Mount (part#ST7060); there is also a Motor Heat Sink Plate (part#ST7077) not pictured. The fourth picture is the Front Shock Tower (part#ST7043F); there is also a Rear Shock Tower (part#ST7043R) not pictured. The last picture is the Front Rocker Arms (part#ST7158F); there are Rear Rocker Arms (part#ST7043R) not pictured too. Also not pictured are the Threaded Shock Bodies (part#ST7066) and the Hex Adapters (part#ST7154). All of these parts for made from CNC aluminum and are available in three colors: blue, red, and silver.

ST7018-55B Push Rods (Blue) MSRP $9.99
ST7018-55R Push Rods (Red) MSRP $9.99
ST7018-55S Push Rods (Silver) MSRP $9.99
ST7037RB Rear Skid Plate (Blue) MSRP $18.99
ST7037RR Rear Skid Plate (Red) MSRP $18.99
ST7037RS Rear Skid Plate (Silver) MSRP $18.99
ST7043FB Front Shock Tower (Blue) MSRP $8.99
ST7043FR Front Shock Tower (Red) MSRP $8.99
ST7043FS Front Shock Tower (Silver) MSRP $8.99
ST7043RB Rear Shock Tower (Blue) MSRP $9.50
ST7043RR Rear Shock Tower (Red) MSRP $9.50
ST7043RS Rear Shock Tower (Silver) MSRP $9.50
ST7060B Finned Motor Mount (Blue) MSRP $12.50
ST7060R Finned Motor Mount (Red) MSRP $12.50
ST7060S Finned Motor Mount (Silver) MSRP $12.50
ST7066B Threaded Shock Bodies (Blue) MSRP $15.99
ST7066R Threaded Shock Bodies (Red) MSRP $15.99
ST7066S Threaded Shock Bodies (Silver) MSRP $15.99
ST7077B Motor Heat Sink Plate (Blue) MSRP $8.99
ST7077R Motor Heat Sink Plate (Red) MSRP $8.99
ST7077S Motor Heat Sink Plate (Silver) MSRP $8.99
ST7154B Hex Adapters (Blue) MSRP $13.99
ST7154R Hex Adapters (Red) MSRP $13.99
ST7154S Hex Adapers (Silver) MSRP $13.99
ST7158FB Front Rocker Arms (Blue) MSRP $14.99
ST7158FR Front Rocker Arms (Red) MSRP $14.99
ST7158FS Front Rocker Arms (Silver) MSRP $14.99
ST7158RB Rear Rocker Arms (Blue) MSRP $14.99
ST7158RR Rear Rocker Arms (Red) MSRP $14.99
ST7158RS Rear Rocker Arms (Silver) MSRP $14.99


Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Layshaft for the Traxxas Slash 2WD from STRC

STRC had designed a new Heavy Duty Layshaft (part#ST3793AE) for the Traxxas Slash 2WD. The new layshafts are stronger then the original and are less likely to bend. They are designed to fit Associated spur gears and slipper clutch assembly which are sold separately. Parts needed are: 6629 slipper clutch nut, 9605 slipper clutch spring, 2X 9604 slipper hubs, 9603 slipper pads, and one of the following spur gears, 9649 72t, 9650 75t, 9651 78t, 9652 81t, 9653 84t.

ST3793AE HD Layshaft MSRP $10.99


Thursday, October 14, 2010

More New STRC Parts for the Kyosho Ultima SC/SC-R, RB5, RT5

Here are more new parts from STRC for the Kyosho Ultima SC/SC-R, RB5, RT5. The parts pictured above are listed front top to bottom: Rear Pivot Blocks (part#STUM508X), Heatsink Finned Motor Plate (part#STUM517), Hub Carriers 0 Degree Toe (part#STUM519-0), Carbon Fiber Battery Hold Down Plate (part#STUM558C), and the Hex Adapters (part#STUM603). The rear Hub Carriers are also available in 1 degree toe in (part#STUM519-1) and in 0.5 degree toe in (part#STUM519-5). All of these parts are made from CNC aluminum and are available in Blue or Gun Metal, except the carbon fiber battery plate.

STUM508XB Rear Pivot Blocks (Blue) MSRP $16.99
STUM508XGM Rear Pivot Blocks (Gun Metal) MSRP $16.99
STUM517B Heatsink Finned Motor Plate (Blue) MSRP $10.99
STUM517GM Heatsink Finned Motor Plate (Gun Metal) MSRP $10.99
STUM519-0B Hub Carriers 0 Deg. Toe In (Blue) MSRP $24.99
STUM519-0GM Hub Carriers 0 Deg. Toe In (Gun Metal) MSRP $24.99
STUM519-1B Hub Carriers 1 Deg. Toe In (Blue) MSRP $24.99
STUM519-1GM Hub Carriers 1 Deg. Toe In (Gun Metal) MSRP $24.99
STUM519-5B Hub Carriers 0.5 Deg. Toe In (Blue) MSRP $24.99
STUM519-5GM Hub Carriers 0.5 Deg. Toe In (Gun Metal) MSRP $24.99
STUM558C Carbon Fiber Battery Hold Down Plate MSRP $19.99
STUM603B Hex Adapters (Blue) MSRP $17.99
STUM603GM Hex Adapters (Gun Metal) MSRP $17.99


New STRC Parts for the Kyosho Ultima SC/SC-R, RB5, RT5

STRC has new parts for the Kyosho Ultima SC/SC-R, RB5, and RT5. Here are the parts list from top to bottom: Front Suspension Brace (part#STUM131), Front Bulkhead with 25/30 degree option (part#STUM502), Front C-Hub Carriers (part#STUM505C), Steering Rack Set (part#STUM505S), and the Rear Camber Link Mount(part#STUM508R). All of these new parts are made from CNC aluminum and are available in two colors: Blue and Gun Metal.

STUM131B Front Suspension Brace(Blue) MSRP $6.99
STUM131GM Front Suspension Brace(Gun Metal) MSRP $6.99
STM502B Front Bulkhead w/25/30 Deg. Option (Blue) MSRP $13.99
STM502GM Front Bulkhead w/25/30 Deg. Option (Gun Metal) MSRP $13.99
STUM505CB Front C-Hub Carriers (Blue) MSRP $21.99
STUM505CGM Front C-Hub Carriers (Gun Metal) MSRP $21.99
STUM505SB Steering Rack Set (Blue) MSRP $28.99
STUM505SGM Steering Rack Set (Gun Metal) MSRP $28.99
STUM508RB Rear Camber Link Mount (Blue) MSRP $21.99
STUM508RGM Rear Camber Link Mount (Gun Metal) MSRP $21.99


Friday, October 8, 2010

New Vanquish Products Parts for the Axial XR10

Vanquish Products has new parts for the Axial XR10. The top picture is the Aluminum Steering Knuckles (part#VPS02000). The second picture is the Aluminum Lockouts (part#VPS02001). The next picture is the Aluminum C-Hubs (part#VPS02002). The steering knuckle , lockouts and the c-hubs are available in black or silver. The bottom picture is Transmission Bronze Bearing Kit (part#VPS02003). The bronze kit replaces the stock bearings in the transmission that tend to fail or blowout.

VPS02000B Aluminum Steering Knuckles Black MSRP $50.00
VPS02000S Aluminum Steering Knuckles Silver MSRP $50.00
VPS02001B Aluminum Lockouts Black MSRP $35.00
VPS02001S Aluminum Lockouts Silver MSRP $35.00
VPS02002B Aluminum C-Hubs Black MSRP $45.00
VPS02002S Aluminum C-Hubs Silver MSRP $45.00
VPS02003 Transmission Bronze Bearing Kit MSRP $25.00


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tekno RC 17mm Hubs for the Slash 4X4

Tekno RC has just release 17mm Hubs (part#TKR1654-17) for the Traxxas Slash 4X4. The 17mm hubs allow people the use of wheels designed for 1/8th scale buggies. The kit comes with (2) 17mm hex adapters, wheel nuts, drive shafts, and accessories. People will need two sets of the 17mm hex adapters for a complete set for the Slash 4X4. The 17mm hubs will also fit the Traxxas Slash 2WD too.

TKR1654-17 17MM Aluminum Hex Adapters MSRP $25.00


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tamiya Paint and Masking Tape

SK Motion is now carrying Tamiya Polycarbonate Paint for lexan bodies and Masking Tape too. Tamiya paint comes in 100ml spray can and retails for $6.50 for most colors. Certain colors cost more. The masking tape is available in four different widths: 6mm, 10mm, 18mm, and 40mm. The great part of having different widths of masking tape is people can paint strips the size they want with the skinnier tapes or just mask of a whole section of the body with the wide tape.

TAM86001-TAM86058 Tamiya Paint (Various Colors)
TAM87033 Masking Tape 6mm MSRP $2.40
TAM87034 Masking Tape 10mm MSRP $3.00
TAM87035 Masking Tape 18mm MSRP $4.30
TAM87063 Masking Tape 40mm MSRP $5.25


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New STRC Rear Wheel Hex for the SC10

STRC has a new Aluminum Hex Adapter (part#STC9608-12) for the rear of the Associated SC10. The hex adapter replaces the pin that holds the wheel on the truck. Having the hex adapter will let people use Slash, Blitz, and/or Ultima SC wheels. They are sold in pairs and come in four different colors: Blue, Gun Metal, Red and Silver.

STC9608-12B Aluminum Hex Adapter for Rear SC10 Blue MSRP $10.99
STC9608-12GM Aluminum Hex Adapter for Rear SC10 Gun Metal MSRP $10.99
STC9608-12R Aluminum Hex Adapter for Rear SC10 Red MSRP $10.99
STC9608-12S Aluminum Hex Adapter for Rear SC10 Silver MSRP $10.99


Monday, September 20, 2010

New STRC parts for Traxxas Vehicles

STRC has released new parts for the Traxxas Slash 2WD/Rustler/Stampede and the Slash 4X4. The top picture is the new Motor Plate (part#ST3691) for the Slash 2WD/Rustler/Stampede. The new motor plate goes on the outside of the gearbox and it helps prevent the motor from moving when the motor gets hot. The second picture is the Electronic Mounting Plate (part#ST6877) for the Slash 4X4. The new electronic mounting plate is used with aftermarket esc's. Both of these new parts come in four colors: Blue, Gun Metal, Red, and Silver.

ST3691B Heatsink Motor Plate Blue MSRP $9.99
ST3691GM Heatsink Motor Plate Gun Metal MSRP $9.99
ST3691R Heatsink Motor Plate Red MSRP $9.99
ST3691S Heatsink Motor Plate Silver MSRP $9.99

ST6877B Electronic Mounting Plate Blue MSRP $6.99
ST6877GM Electronic Mounting Plate Gun Metal MSRP $6.99
ST6877R Electronic Mounting Plate Red MSRP $6.99
ST6877S Electronic Mounting Plate Silver MSRP $6.99


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

STRC LCG Conversion Kit for Slash

The new STRC LCG Conversion Kit for the Traxxas Slash (part#ST5822) lowers the trucks center of gravity and makes the truck competitive with the other 2wd short course trucks on the market today. Pictured above are photos of a stock Traxxas Slash and a Slash with the STRC conversion kit. The top picture shows the two trucks side by side. The second picture is the stock Slash and as you can see by the picture, the bottom of the chassis is almost 4 inches off the ground. The bottom picture is the Slash with the STRC conversion kit and it is about 2 inches off the ground. As a result of the conversion kit, it makes the truck faster through the corners since the weight is much closer to the ground.


Monday, September 13, 2010

More STRC Parts Available In Gun Metal for the SC10/B4/T4

STRC has released three more parts available for the Associated SC10/B4/T4 in gun metal. The new parts are the Front Bulkhead (pictured top) (part#STC9563GM), Rear Brace (middle picture) (part#STC9564GM), and the Rear Hub Carrier 1 Degree Toe (picture bottom) (part#STC9584-T1GM).

STC9563GM Front Bulkhead MSRP S12.99
STC9564GM Rear Brace MSRP $15.99
STC9584-T1GM Rear Hub Carrier 1 Deg. Toe MSRP $22.99


Friday, September 10, 2010

Vanquish Products Shock Hoops for Axial SCX10

Vanquish Products has released new CNC aluminum shock hoops for the Axial SCX10. The top picture is the front shock hoops and the bottom picture is the rear shock hoops. The shock hoops are very durable and will not break like the stock plastic hoops. They are sold in pairs and in three different colors: Black, Retro Gold, and Raw/Silver.

VPS01850B Vanquish Incision Front Hoops Black MSRP $24.99

VPS01850RG Vanquish Incision Front Hoops Retro Gold MSRP $24.99

VPS01850R Vanquish Incision Front Hoops Raw/Silver MSRP $22.99

VPS01851B Vanquish Incision Rear Hoops Black MSRP $24.99

VPS01851RG Vanquish Incision Rear Hoops Retro Gold MSRP $24.99

VPS01851R Vanquish Incision Rear Hoops Raw/Silver MRSP $22.99


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Parts From STRC For The Traxxas Slash

STRC has a new LCG (Low Center of Gravity) Conversion Kit (part#ST5822) for the Traxxas Slash 2wd. The conversion kit lowers the chassis and makes the Slash very competitive with the other 2wd short course trucks (SC10, Blitz, and Ultima SC). The kit comes with everything you see in the bottom picture, but you still need to buy three more parts from Traxxas to complete the conversion. The three Traxxas parts needed are: TRA3722A, TRA3723A, and TRA3727A. The conversion kit comes in four colors: blue, gun metal, red, and silver.

ST5822B LCG Conversion Kit Blue MRSP $49.99
ST5822GM LCG Conversion Kit Gun Metal MSRP $49.99
ST5822R LCG Conversion Kit Red MSRP $49.99
ST5822S LCG Conversion Kit Silver MSRP $49.99


Friday, September 3, 2010

New Hot Bodies Spur Gears

Hot Bodies has released new spur gears for their new TCX touring car (68700). The spur gears are 64 pitch and range from 110t to 116t. The new design of the spur gear allows you to access the motor screw behind the spur gear through the large openings. This means, no more taking out the spur gear to tighten the motor. The spur gears will not only work for the Hot Bodies TCX, but they will work for other touring cars like the Robitronic Avid V2 (RA39101).



Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Holmes Hobbies Torque Master Sport Motor (HH-SP45)

Holmes Hobbies has a Torque Master Sport (part#HH-SP45) 45 turn machined wound motor designed for rock crawling. The motor includes ball bearings. The 45 turn motor has plenty of torque to get you crawler out of some tough situations, but still has enough speed when a rock crawling course requires that too.

HH-SP45 Holmes Hobbies Torque Master Sport Motor MSRP $24.99


Thursday, August 26, 2010


The TorqueMaster BR-XL (part#HH-TMBRXL) is a whole new ESC for crawlers. It has been designed from the ground up to meet the rigorous demands of low speed control and high speed power. 5 amp 6 volt on board switchmode BEC delivers unbelievable servo power at any input voltage. Huge 80 amp continuous rating. Most impressive is the 6s lipo maximum input voltage, giving even the most power hungry drivers what they want.

Comes stock with Auto lipo LVC, Full drag brake, instant reverse, and 100% reverse throttle settings.

1 year warranty
2s to 6s lipo input
onboard 6v 5a switchmode BEC
38 grams (with battery wires)
Brushed only
80a continuous, no single 540 motor limit

Reverse and brake adjustment
Regenerative Drag Brake
Active Hold Brake (The Holmes Hold!)
Quiet mode

Dual motor supers, go fast racers, wheel speed trail junkies, pullin mofo's, and any brushed fanatic will love it!

Super easy Stick programming. Fully Computer programmable via Castle Creations Castle Link with instant firmware upgrades!



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Robitronic Avid V2 Setups (R39101)

The stock settings following the instructions for the Robitronic Avid V2 is a very good base setup. There are more setups on for different types of tracks and track conditions, that may help improve the cars handling. Here is the link for these setups:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Axial XR10 (AX90017)

Arriving soon it the Axial XR10 competition MOA (motor on axle) rock crawler (part#AX90017). Listed on our website at, are the instructions, parts list, description, measurements, and parts required for the new rock crawler. The link to listed below:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Robitronic Lap Counting System (RS160)

Robitronic has an affordable Lap Counting System (part#RS160). The lap counting system comes with 3 transponders, 4 receivers, interface module, receiver module cable, computer interface cable, and software for the PC. The only thing needed for the system to work it a bridge needs to be constructed to hold the receivers about two feet off the ground. Most people build the bridge with either PVC pipes or 2x2 or 2x4 pieces of wood.

The transponder system uses infrared lights for the transponder and receiver to communicate with each other. The receivers can each read about a foot width of the track. The 4 receivers that come with the system can read about a track that is 5 feet wide. If you need the track to be wider, additional receivers may be purchased separately (part#RS164). The track can be as wide as 12 feet by using all 11 receiver positions on the receiver module cable. Also, if you are running more than 3 vehicles on the track, extra transponders may be purchased separately (part#RS163).

RS160 Transponder System - Street Price is Under $400.00
RS163 Transponders - MSRP $55.00
RS164 Receivers - MSRP $46.00