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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Vanquish Products and Incision by Vanquish Parts for the Axial Wraith

Vanquish Products has been making high end quality aftermarket parts for competition and scale rc vehicles. Recently Vanquish Products came out with a new line of products called Incision. The Incision line of products are designed for people on a budget. They are still made with the high quality that Vanquish is known for, but made without all of the details or using different materials to save cost without sacrificing durability or quality.

Listed below are some of the products by Vanquish and Incision for the Axial Wraith. We will be comparing the two products to help people to decide which is best.

The first product to compare are the Vanquish Locker (VPS05590) and the Incision Spool/Locker (IRC00001).


The Vanquish Locker (VPS05990) uses a Full Floating Heavy Duty Design. The advantages of this design is longer lasting bearings and less slop in the axles. The locker's MSRP at $33.99.

The Incision Spool/Locker (IRC00001) uses a one piece spool. The design also reduces slop in the axles. The spool/locker's MSRP at $18.99.

The next set of products to compare are the Vanquish Wraith VVD's (VPS07370) and the Incision Wraith VDI's (IRC00020).


The Vanquish VVD's (VPS05990) are heat treated tempered for strength and are hand polished and laser engraved for great looks. They provide more steering angles then the stock dog bones or CVD's from Axial. The VVD's MSRP at $64.95.

The Incision VDI's (IRC00020) are anodized black and provide more steering angles then the stock dog bones or CVD's from Axial. The parts can be upgraded to the Vanquish VVD's if they wear out, since the parts are the same size. The VDI's MSRP at $39.95.

The final set of products to compare today are the Vanquish Wraith 3/16 10pcs Titanium Link Kit (VPS03138) and the Incision  Wraith 1/4 Stainless Steel Link Kit (IRC00040).

The Vanquish Wraith Link Set (VPS03138) is made from Titanium that is very strong and light.  They weigh 4.8 oz's or 136 grams with packaging.  The Link Set MSRP is $99.99.

The Incision Wraith Link Set (IRC00040) is made from Stainless Steel.  Since stainless steel is not as strong as titanium, they are made a little thicker for durability.  They weigh 10.5oz's or 299grams with packaging. The Link Set MSRP is $54.99.

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