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Friday, July 27, 2012

Wraith Axles Breaking? Here is your fix! Vanquish VVD Axles

If you have been breaking your Axial Wraith stock axles or factory universals, here is your solution.  Vanquish Products' VVD axle sets that are made from the highest grade military grade steel.  The Vanquish axles also offers more steering angle up to 50 degrees.  They are direct replacements so it is easy to install.  Like all Vanquish Products, they are made in the USA!

The also have Axle sets available for Axial SCX10 and XR10.

VPS05301 - Vanquish VVD Heavy Duty Axles for Wraith (1 Pair)
VPS05311 - Vanquish VVD Heavy Duty Axles for XR10 (1 Pair)
VPS05321 - Vanquish VVD Heavy Duty Axles for SCX10 (1 Pair)

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