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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Assemble Vanquish 1.9 OMF Wheels

The Vanquish 1.9 OMF Wheels are the most scale wheels available in the hobby R/C to date.  They look like the actual 1:1 wheels and are designed to allow you to change the tire just by removing 4 screws.  Here is a quick rundown on what you need and how to assemble them.

Here is what you need for a set of wheels for 1 truck:

 3/32" Hex Driver
1.5mm Hex Driver
A power drill with 1.5mm hex bit will help speed up the assembly

(2) Packs of 1.9 Scaler wheel screw set (VPS05000)
(4) Beadlock Rings (Choose from different designs such as Original, Phase 5, Scallop, or IBTR)
(4) Front Rings (Choose from different colors)
(4) Rear Rings (Choose from different colors)
(4) 1.9 Clamp Rings

Step 1.

Install the small cap head screws to the inner ring of the Front Ring.  There are 12 screws per wheel.  That's where the drill comes in handy.

Step 2.

Assemble the Beadlock Ring to the Front Ring.  There are 24 screws per wheel so a power drill will definitely make it faster.  It is still easy to put in the screws manually.

Step 3.

Put the 1.9 Clamp Ring into the tire.

Step 4. (Assembling the tire onto the wheel)

Slide in the Beadlock/Front Ring assembly into the front of the tire.  Slide in the Rear Ring into the back of the tire.  Make sure the 4 screw holes in the Front Ring and the Rear Ring line up.   Push them together and use the 4 large cap head screws to secure them together.

Step 5.  (Install hex hub to the wheel)

Now you can install the Vanquish SLW hex hub onto the wheel using 6 large cap head screw from the screw set.

That is it!  Now you have the best looking wheels for your truck.  If you want to change tires, just remove the 4 large cap head screws from the back.  There are many option of rings and colors so you can really customize the look of your truck!

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