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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

STRC Parts for Mini E-Revo and Mini Slash

Pictured above are some of the new CNC aluminum parts from STRC for Traxxas Mini E-Revo and Mini Slash. All of the parts are available in three colors: blue, red, and silver. The new CNC aluminum parts for these cars are the following: front and rear shock towers, shock bodies, two different motor mounts (a finned motor mount and a heat sink motor plate), push rods, rocker arms for the front and rear, and wheel hex adaptors. All of the parts can be used on either the Mini E-Revo or the Mini Slash except to the push rods.

ST7018-55 Push Rods for Mini Slash MSRP $9.99
ST7018-71 Push Rods for Mini E-Revo MSRP $9.99
ST7043F Front Shock Tower MSRP $8.99
ST7043R Rear Shock Tower MSRP $9.50
ST7060 Finned Motor Mount MSRP $12.50
ST7066 Shock Bodies MSRP $15.99
ST7077 Motor Heat Sink Plate MSRP $8.99
ST7154 Hex Adaptors MSRP $13.99
ST7158F Front Rocker Arms MSRP $14.99
ST7158R Rear Rocker Arms MSRP $14.99