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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

STRC Parts for the Tamiya CR-01 (TAM58429, TAM58436, TAM58414, TAM5840)

Pictured above are some the parts from STRC that are available for the Tamiya CR-01. The top picture is the Rear Lock-Out W/Stainless Steel Axles (part# STT50494). The next picture is the Threaded Shocks W/Retainers (part# STT50950). The rest of the pictures are the Steering Knuckle (part# STT51328), Hub Carriers (part# STT51330), and the last picture is the Center Skid Plate (part# STT95887). There are some other parts for the CR-01 that are not pictured and they are: Heat Sink Motor Plate (part# STT45025), Hex Adapters (part# STT50612), Front Bumper Brackets (part# STT51329), and the Servo Bed (part# STT95888). All of the parts are made from CNC aluminum and come in three different colors: Black, Blue, and Silver.

STT45025 MSRP $14.99 Heat Sink Motor Plate
STT50950 MSRP $47.99 Rear Lock-Out W/Stainless Steel Axles
STT50612 MSRP $17.99 Hex Adapters
STT50950 MSRP $49.99 Threaded Shocks W/Retainers
STT51328 MSRP $29.99 Steering Knuckle
STT51329 MSRP $25.99 Front Bumper Brackets
STT51330 MSRP $29.99 Hub Carriers
STT95887 MSRP $18.99 Center Skid Plate
STT95888 MSRP $14.99 Servo Bed


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