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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Option Part for Hot Bodies D8 (67300), D8T (67800), and VE8 (67535)

The picture above are just a few of the option parts for the Hot Bodies D8, D8T, and VE8. The option parts made for these cars are either lighter, stronger, and/or improves the cars handling. Here is the list of the option parts:
67201 Light Weight King Pin Bushing
67204 Light Weight Fixing Ball
67205 Light Weight Upper Suspension Fixing Ball
67206 Light Weight Steering Push Rod Ball
67207 Light Weight Sway Bar Holder
67213 Light weight Shock End Ball
67214 Alum. Rear Hub Carrier Set
67215 Alum. Front Spindle Carrier Set
67216 Alum. Front Spindle Set
67170 WCE Center Drive Shaft (105MM)
67171 WCE Center Drive Shaft (78MM)
67172 WCE Alum. Axle
67173 Axle (Hard Steel)
67174 WCE Drive Shaft (92MM)
67175 WCE Center Drive Shaft Coupling
67176 WCE Alum. Center Drive Shaft Coupling
67177 WCE Universal Drive Shaft Set (92MM)
67178 WCE Center Drive Shaft Set (105MM)
67179 WCE Center Drive Shaft Set (78MM)
67180 WCE CVD Coupler/Pin Set
67190 Light Weight Spur 48 Tooth
67191 Light Weight 43T Spiral Bevel Gear
67197 Light Weight Out Drives
67198 Light Weight Brake Cam
67199 Light Weight Ball
67200 Light Weight Differential Shaft
67211 Light Weight Diff Axle Shaft
67217 DCJ Center Drive shaft Complete Set (Front/1pc)
67195 Light Weight Steering Post
67202 Light Weight Shock Stand Off
67203 Light Weight Steering Bushing
67446 Big Bore Shock (Gray/60mm/74gf)
67448 Big Bore Shock (Blue/60mm/78gf)
67449 Big Bore Shock (Orange,60mm/98gf)
67450 Big Bore Shock (Green/68mm/59gf)
67451 Big Bore Shock (Yellow/68mm/68gf)
67452 Big Bore Shock (Red/68mm/81gf)
67453 Big Bore Shock (Gray/76mm/52gf)
67454 Big Bore Shock (White/76mm/59gf)
67455 Big Bore Shock (Blue/76mm/63gf)
67456 Big Bore Shock (Orange/76mm/74gf)


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