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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Robitronic Avid V2 (R39101) is Coming Soon

The Robitronic Avid V2 (part# R39101) is coming at the end of April. The Avid V2 will be easier to maintain with removable bulkheads and captured hing pins which its predecessor did not have. Here is a list of the features the new Avid V2 has:

• New and fully symmetrical chassis design and drill holes for perfect weight and flex distribution

• Easily customizable chassis flex setup for front and rear end

• Even more reduced chassis weight

• Efficient dual-belt driveline featuring extra flexible and durable drive belts

• Extra large pulleys for minimal friction and maximum power handling capability

• All drive train parts are engineered with a light-weight design in mind reducing rotating masses and increasing acceleration

• Lightweight aluminum ball diff in the rear, including extra large balls for supreme smoothness, durability and power handling

• Spool on the front end

• Hardened universal joints with replaceable drive blades for minimum wear

• Self locking wheel hubs

• Specially designed “anti-wobble” spur gear retainer for the best possible concentricity

• A multitude of setup options for the steering and suspension geometry (camber, toe, caster, roll center, width, wheelbase and many more) cater for the best possible setup under any conditions

• Improved and better centered COG for an unparalleled on-track performance

• Durable hub carriers, CNC-machined from premium grade alloy

• Oversized wheel bearings for even lower friction, tighter clearance and better longevity

• Ultra slim 2.5mm carbon chassis featuring the new AVID V2’s lipo-enabled design

• Generous cutouts for perfect motor cooling

• The symmetrically cut and elongated upper deck now rests even lower

• Ultra lightweight aluminum bulkheads feature an easy access (removing only 4 screws) to the diff and the spool

• Easy access to the spur gear and main shaft

• CNC-machined alloy steering knuckles with a ball raced carbon steering link featuring optimized ackermann geometry

• Ultra tough and newly designed 3mm carbon shock towers

• Two battery retainer options: comfortable alloy brackets or uncompromising glass fiber tape

• Precisely interlocking suspensions blocks made from high grade alloy

• Newly designed anti-roll bars and mounts

• Oversized ball studs and “zero backlash” rod ends

• PTFE coated alloy shocks feature ultra smooth suspension movement and long wear

• The motor mount is separated from the bulkheads

R39101 Robitronic Avid V2 Electric Touring Car Pro Kit Retail Price $695.00


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