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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Option Parts for the Robitronic Protos

Pictured above are just a few of the option parts for the Robitronic Protos 1/8th scale Buggy. There are several option parts to increase durability and performance. There are CVD's that can replace the dog bones throughout the drive train. There are many CNC aluminum parts that replace the cast metal parts that can brake on hard impacts. Here is a list of the hop-ups:
R26001 Cross shaft Set (2pcs)
R26002 Turn Buckle 3x20mm
R26004 Turn Buckle 3x35mm
R26007 Turn Buckle 4x56mm
R26009 Turn Buckle 5x30mm
R26010 Turn Buckle 5x56mm
R26019 Bevel Gear 12t Machine Cut
R26020 Bevel Gear 42t Machine Cut
R26023 CVD Cup Joint Set 8x105mm
R26024 CVD Cup Joint Set 8x92mm
R26025 CVD Drive Shaft 8x97mm (2pcs)
R26027 CNC Shock Tower Front
R26028 CNC Shock Tower Rear
R26036 Spur Gear 44t Machine Cut
R26044 Alloy Shocks 100mm (2pcs)
R26045 Alloy Shocks 130mm (2pcs)
R26053 Front Sway Bar Set
R26054 Rear Sway Bar Set
R26074 Machine Cut Bevel and Gear Set
R27052 Fly Wheel
R27054G CNC Front Wheel Hub Set-Grey
R27054R CNC Front Wheel Hub Set-Red
R27055 CNC Rear Wheel Hub Set
R27056G CNC Engine Mount Set-Grey
R27056R CNC Engine Mount Set-Red
R27058 CNC Front Chassis Brace Set
R27059 CNC Rear Chassis Brace Set
R27060 Graphite Radio Plate
R27061 Graphite Steering Plate
R27062 CNC Lower A-Arm Brace-B Set
R27063 CNC Lower A-Arm Brace-C Set


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