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Friday, October 8, 2010

New Vanquish Products Parts for the Axial XR10

Vanquish Products has new parts for the Axial XR10. The top picture is the Aluminum Steering Knuckles (part#VPS02000). The second picture is the Aluminum Lockouts (part#VPS02001). The next picture is the Aluminum C-Hubs (part#VPS02002). The steering knuckle , lockouts and the c-hubs are available in black or silver. The bottom picture is Transmission Bronze Bearing Kit (part#VPS02003). The bronze kit replaces the stock bearings in the transmission that tend to fail or blowout.

VPS02000B Aluminum Steering Knuckles Black MSRP $50.00
VPS02000S Aluminum Steering Knuckles Silver MSRP $50.00
VPS02001B Aluminum Lockouts Black MSRP $35.00
VPS02001S Aluminum Lockouts Silver MSRP $35.00
VPS02002B Aluminum C-Hubs Black MSRP $45.00
VPS02002S Aluminum C-Hubs Silver MSRP $45.00
VPS02003 Transmission Bronze Bearing Kit MSRP $25.00


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