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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New STRC Parts for the Kyosho Ultima SC/SC-R, RB5, RT5

STRC has new parts for the Kyosho Ultima SC/SC-R, RB5, and RT5. Here are the parts list from top to bottom: Front Suspension Brace (part#STUM131), Front Bulkhead with 25/30 degree option (part#STUM502), Front C-Hub Carriers (part#STUM505C), Steering Rack Set (part#STUM505S), and the Rear Camber Link Mount(part#STUM508R). All of these new parts are made from CNC aluminum and are available in two colors: Blue and Gun Metal.

STUM131B Front Suspension Brace(Blue) MSRP $6.99
STUM131GM Front Suspension Brace(Gun Metal) MSRP $6.99
STM502B Front Bulkhead w/25/30 Deg. Option (Blue) MSRP $13.99
STM502GM Front Bulkhead w/25/30 Deg. Option (Gun Metal) MSRP $13.99
STUM505CB Front C-Hub Carriers (Blue) MSRP $21.99
STUM505CGM Front C-Hub Carriers (Gun Metal) MSRP $21.99
STUM505SB Steering Rack Set (Blue) MSRP $28.99
STUM505SGM Steering Rack Set (Gun Metal) MSRP $28.99
STUM508RB Rear Camber Link Mount (Blue) MSRP $21.99
STUM508RGM Rear Camber Link Mount (Gun Metal) MSRP $21.99


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