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Friday, September 10, 2010

Vanquish Products Shock Hoops for Axial SCX10

Vanquish Products has released new CNC aluminum shock hoops for the Axial SCX10. The top picture is the front shock hoops and the bottom picture is the rear shock hoops. The shock hoops are very durable and will not break like the stock plastic hoops. They are sold in pairs and in three different colors: Black, Retro Gold, and Raw/Silver.

VPS01850B Vanquish Incision Front Hoops Black MSRP $24.99

VPS01850RG Vanquish Incision Front Hoops Retro Gold MSRP $24.99

VPS01850R Vanquish Incision Front Hoops Raw/Silver MSRP $22.99

VPS01851B Vanquish Incision Rear Hoops Black MSRP $24.99

VPS01851RG Vanquish Incision Rear Hoops Retro Gold MSRP $24.99

VPS01851R Vanquish Incision Rear Hoops Raw/Silver MRSP $22.99


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