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Monday, September 20, 2010

New STRC parts for Traxxas Vehicles

STRC has released new parts for the Traxxas Slash 2WD/Rustler/Stampede and the Slash 4X4. The top picture is the new Motor Plate (part#ST3691) for the Slash 2WD/Rustler/Stampede. The new motor plate goes on the outside of the gearbox and it helps prevent the motor from moving when the motor gets hot. The second picture is the Electronic Mounting Plate (part#ST6877) for the Slash 4X4. The new electronic mounting plate is used with aftermarket esc's. Both of these new parts come in four colors: Blue, Gun Metal, Red, and Silver.

ST3691B Heatsink Motor Plate Blue MSRP $9.99
ST3691GM Heatsink Motor Plate Gun Metal MSRP $9.99
ST3691R Heatsink Motor Plate Red MSRP $9.99
ST3691S Heatsink Motor Plate Silver MSRP $9.99

ST6877B Electronic Mounting Plate Blue MSRP $6.99
ST6877GM Electronic Mounting Plate Gun Metal MSRP $6.99
ST6877R Electronic Mounting Plate Red MSRP $6.99
ST6877S Electronic Mounting Plate Silver MSRP $6.99


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