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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Option Parts for the Robitronic Avid V2

Pictured above are some new option parts for the Robitronic Avid V2. The top picture is the 2.0mm Upper Deck (part#Ra0335). The 2.omm upper deck is thinner than the original 2.5mm upper deck. The thinner upper deck will offer more chassis flex to the car and provide more traction on low to medium bite surfaces. The second picture is the Front Chassis Stiffener (part#RA0337). The front chassis stiffener will help prevent cars from traction rolling on high bit surfaces. The bottom picture is the Zero Angle CVD Build Set (part#RA0339). The zero angle cvd's will stop the car's front wheels from chattering while going through corners.

RA0335 2.0mm Upper Deck MSRP $34.00
RA0337 Front Chassis Stiffener MSRP $15.00
RA0339 Zero Angle CVD Build Set MSRP $30.00