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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hot Bodies 1/10th Scale Buggy Tires

Hot Bodies makes off road tires for 1/10th scale buggy. The front tires come in three different compounds: white (hard), red (medium), and pink (soft). The rear tires come in two compounds: red (medium) and pink (soft). The top picture is the Double Blades front tires for 2wd buggy (part #67739 white, 67779 red, and 67987 pink). The second picture it the Fullslot front tires for either 2wd buggy (part #67783 white, 67778 red, and 67974 pink) or 4wd buggy (part #67782 white, 67775 red, and 67964 pink). The middle picture is the Beams buggy rear tires (part#67774 red and 67784 pink). The next picture is the Gigabite buggy rear tires (part#67776 red and 67962 pink). The last picture is the Megabite buggy rear tires (part #67777 red and 67961 pink).

67739 Double Blades 2wd Fr. White MSRP $15.00
67779 Double Blades 2wd Fr. Red MSRP $15.00
67987 Double Blades 2wd Fr. Pink MSRP $17.00

67783 Fullslot 2wd Fr. White MSRP $16.00
67778 Fullslot 2wd Fr. Red MSRP $16.00
67974 Fullslot 2wd Fr. Pink MSRP $17.00

67782 Fullslot 4wd Fr. White MSRP $16.00
67775 Fullslot 4wd Fr. Red MSRP $16.00
67964 Fullslot 4wd Fr. Pink MSRP $17.00

67774 Beams Red MSRP $16.00
67784 Beams Pink MSRP $17.00

67776 Gigabite Red MSRP $16.00
67962 Gigabite Pink MSRP $17.00

67777 Megabite Red MSRP $14.50
67961 Megabite Pink MSRP $17.00


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