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Monday, June 14, 2010

STRC Parts For The SC10 Are Now Available In Gun Metal

STRC has now released parts for the Associated SC10 in Gun Metal. Pictured above are the parts that are available in gun metal: Caster Blocks (STC7919GM), Steering Knuckle (STC7921GM), Rear Hub Carriers 0 Degrees (STC9584GM), Front Body Mount Plate (STC9820FGM), and Rear Body Mount Plate (STC9820RGM). The caster blocks, steering knuckle, and the rear hub will also fit the Associated B4 and T4.

STC7919GM Caster Blocks MSRP $19.99
STC7921GM Steerng Knuckle MSRP $19.99
STC9584GM Rear Hub MSRP $21.99
STC9820FGM Front Body Mount MSRP $9.99
STC9820RGM Rear Body Mount MSRP $16.99


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