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Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot Bodies Tires for the Baja 5B

Pictured above are the Hot Bodies tires for the Baja 5B. The top picture is the Double Blades (part#69766), which is a front tire for the 5B. The second picture is the Proto tire (part#67969); this is a rear tire with large tread lugs, these tires are durable and still provide excellent grip making them good all around tires that are best suited for soft terrain and long mains. The bottom picture is the Khaos tire (part#67972); this is a rear tire that has been designed specifically to suit a range of off-road racing conditions, and are perfect for loose dirt, clay, blue groove and damp tracks. They also work great on hard surfaces with a scattering of dust on top. All of these tires comes in Hot Bodies white compound.

67966 Double Blades MSRP $38.00
67969 Proto MSRP $42.00
67972 Khaos MSRP $42.00


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