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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New STRC Parts for the Axial SCX10

STRC has released several new parts for the Axial SCX10.  Pictured is the Steering Upgrade Kit (part# STA30516).  Take unwanted flex and sloppy steering out of your SCX10's plastic steering links with the precision aluminum steering upgrade kit.  Comes complete with the following:

- CNC Machined Aluminum Long Steering Link x1
- CNC Machined Aluminum Short Steering Link x1
- CNC Machined Aluminum 2mm spacer x1
- M3x25mm Button Head Screw x1
- M3x16mm Set-Screws x4
- M3 Lock-nut x1

Requires Axial AX80005 Rod Ends and Axial AX80018 Rod End Links to complete.

Next is the Front And Lower Suspension Links (part# STA30518).  Take away unwanted suspension links flexing of your SCX10 (below) with the CNC machined aluminum suspension links.  This upgrade kit includes:

- 1 pair of CNC Machined Aluminum Rear Links
- 1 pair of CNC Machined Aluminum Front Links
- M3x16mm set-screw (8 pcs)

Requires Axial Rod Ends (AX80005 x2) and Axial Rod End Links (AX80018).

Next is the Front Shock Tower (part# STA80025F).  Add great looks and increase durability for your SCX10 with our CNC Machined Aluminum Front Shock Towers.  All hardware included.  Sold in pairs.  There is also a Rear Shock Tower (Not Pictured) (part# STA80025F).

Next is the Chassis Center "H" Brace (part# STA80026H).  Increase the strength of your SCX10's chassis and prevent it from twisting on that tough trail with this heavy duty CNC Machined aluminum Center "H" Brace.  Featuring all the same geometry as the stock pieces, this brace also adds awesome great looks to your SCX10 chassis.

Next is the Upper Link Mount (part# STA80043).   This CNC Machined heavy duty aluminum rear upper link mount provides a solid foundation for the rear upper suspension links.  Features four holes for
installation on the rear axle and beautifully machined to add great looks to your SCX10.  All hardware included.

The last Picture is the Front And Rear Upper Suspension Link Kit (part# STA80043U).  Replace the flexing/twising upper suspension link with stronger/more durable and realistic looking CNC Machined Aluminum suspension link.  This upper suspension kit include:

- CNC Machined "Y" link (STA80015-1)  x1
- CNC Machined 15mm threaded link x1
- CNC Machined 55mm link x2
- CNC Machined Rear upper straight links x2
- M3x28mm button head screw x1
- Mx16mm set-screws x8

Requires Axial Rod Ends (AX80005 x2) and Axial Rod End links (AX80018).

All of the parts shown are available is four different colors: Black, Green, Gun Metal, and Silver.

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