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Friday, June 1, 2012

New Axial AX-10 Parts from Vanquish Products

Pictured above is the new aluminum Axle Housing for the Axial AX-10 or SCX-10 from Vanquish Products.  The new axle is made from CNC aluminum and gives a realistic look to crawler.  The axles comes in two colors: Silver (part# VPS04470) and Black (part#VPS04471).
Vanquish also has an aluminum Axle Truss for the Axial AX-10.  The Axle Truss only works with the Axle Housing from Vanquish.  The Axle Truss is available in several colors.: Silver (part# VPS04440), Black (part# VPS04441), Red (part# VPS04442), Blue (part#VPS04443), and Green (part#VPS04444).

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