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Thursday, March 15, 2012

ZRound - Complete Race Management Software for Robitronic Lap Counting System

ZRound has now updated their race management software to be compatible with the Robitronic Lap Counting System. The software has all the features to run a complete race with multiple number of classes and rounds. One of the nice features is being able to adjust the number of laps manually during a race. Other features include qualifying types, start types, counting down time, race duration, and minimum lap time. This software also includes sound module that can alert drivers when cars passes the finish line, best lap, race start, end of race, and others. The best part is this software is free to use. It comes with complete instructions that are easy to follow.

If you are using the Robitronic Lap Counting system and is looking for a more complete race software, give it a try.

Here is the main screen of the program.

To connect it to the Robitronic lap counting system, enter in the com number in settings. Type "COM 7" in the box if you are using port number 7.

Once the race starts, you can see the lap times of each racer.

This screen will let you see the positions of each racer after every lap.

This screen will let you see the best lap times of each racer.

The screen to enter in driver information.

You can download the from our website. Click on this link.

Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

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