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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

STRC Parts for the Traxxas Mini Rally

STRC has parts for the Traxxas Mini Rally. Many of the same parts that fit the Traxxas Mini Slash and Mini E-Revo fit the Mini Rally. Pictured above are some of the parts that fit the Mini Rally. Top picture is the Push Rods (part#ST7018-55). The second picture is the Rear Skid Plate (part#ST7037R). The third picture is the Finned Motor Mount (part#ST7060); there is also a Motor Heat Sink Plate (part#ST7077) not pictured. The fourth picture is the Front Shock Tower (part#ST7043F); there is also a Rear Shock Tower (part#ST7043R) not pictured. The last picture is the Front Rocker Arms (part#ST7158F); there are Rear Rocker Arms (part#ST7043R) not pictured too. Also not pictured are the Threaded Shock Bodies (part#ST7066) and the Hex Adapters (part#ST7154). All of these parts for made from CNC aluminum and are available in three colors: blue, red, and silver.

ST7018-55B Push Rods (Blue) MSRP $9.99
ST7018-55R Push Rods (Red) MSRP $9.99
ST7018-55S Push Rods (Silver) MSRP $9.99
ST7037RB Rear Skid Plate (Blue) MSRP $18.99
ST7037RR Rear Skid Plate (Red) MSRP $18.99
ST7037RS Rear Skid Plate (Silver) MSRP $18.99
ST7043FB Front Shock Tower (Blue) MSRP $8.99
ST7043FR Front Shock Tower (Red) MSRP $8.99
ST7043FS Front Shock Tower (Silver) MSRP $8.99
ST7043RB Rear Shock Tower (Blue) MSRP $9.50
ST7043RR Rear Shock Tower (Red) MSRP $9.50
ST7043RS Rear Shock Tower (Silver) MSRP $9.50
ST7060B Finned Motor Mount (Blue) MSRP $12.50
ST7060R Finned Motor Mount (Red) MSRP $12.50
ST7060S Finned Motor Mount (Silver) MSRP $12.50
ST7066B Threaded Shock Bodies (Blue) MSRP $15.99
ST7066R Threaded Shock Bodies (Red) MSRP $15.99
ST7066S Threaded Shock Bodies (Silver) MSRP $15.99
ST7077B Motor Heat Sink Plate (Blue) MSRP $8.99
ST7077R Motor Heat Sink Plate (Red) MSRP $8.99
ST7077S Motor Heat Sink Plate (Silver) MSRP $8.99
ST7154B Hex Adapters (Blue) MSRP $13.99
ST7154R Hex Adapters (Red) MSRP $13.99
ST7154S Hex Adapers (Silver) MSRP $13.99
ST7158FB Front Rocker Arms (Blue) MSRP $14.99
ST7158FR Front Rocker Arms (Red) MSRP $14.99
ST7158FS Front Rocker Arms (Silver) MSRP $14.99
ST7158RB Rear Rocker Arms (Blue) MSRP $14.99
ST7158RR Rear Rocker Arms (Red) MSRP $14.99
ST7158RS Rear Rocker Arms (Silver) MSRP $14.99


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