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Thursday, July 1, 2010

New STRC Parts for the Jammin SCRT10

STRC has release new CNC Aluminum parts for the Jammin SCRT10. Picture above are some of the new part (top to bottom): Steering Bell Crank Set (part#STJ40834GM), Front C-Hub (part#STJ40839GM), Aluminum Hex Adapters (part#STJ40840GM), Steering Knuckle (part#STJ40841GM), and Center Bulkhead (part#STJ40844GM). All of these new parts adds strength and durability to the truck.

STJ40834GM Steering Bell Crank Set MSRP $34.99
STJ40839GM Front C-Hub MSRP $29.99
STJ40840GM Aluminum Hex Adapters MSRP $17.99
STJ40841GM Steering Knuckle MSRP $29.99
STJ40844GM Center Bulkhead MSRP $12.99


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