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Friday, April 9, 2010

Vanquish Products SLWV3 Wheels

Vanquish Products makes these very popular wheels for rock crawling. The wheels pictured above are the Super Light Weight Version 3 wheels or SLWV3. The wheels are sold in pairs, two wheels, four beadlock rings, and screws.

VPS01307 SLWV3 Black Wheels/Black Beadlocks MSRP $61.99
VPS01310 SLWV3 Raw Wheels/Black Beadlocks MSRP $61.99
VPS01311 SLWV3 Raw Wheels/Raw Beadlocks MSRP $55.99
VPS01316 SLWV3 Black Wheels/Raw Beadlocks MSRP $55.99


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