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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

STRC Aluminum Parts for the Traxxas Slash 4x4

Here are some of the new parts for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 from STRC. The new shocks pictured above (part#ST3765x front shocks and part#ST3766x rear shocks) are threaded and they can also be used on the 2wd Slash. Also pictured, the new rear hubs (part#ST1952), c-hubs (part#ST6832), steering knuckles (part#ST6837), and the steering bell crank set (part#ST6845). There are also several other new parts available that are not pictured for the Slash 4x4. They are the following: 12mm hex adapters (part#ST1654), rear shock tower (part#ST6830), front shock tower (part#ST6839), center main drive shaft (part#ST6855), motor mount (part#ST6860), and motor plate (part#ST6890). All of these parts are available in blue, gunmetal, red, and silver with the exception of the center main drive shaft (part#ST6855), it is only available in gunmetal, red, and silver.

Here is the list of the new parts:
ST1654 12mm hex adapters
ST1952 rear hubs
ST3765x front shock bodies
ST3766x rear shock bodies
ST6830 rear shock tower
ST6832 c-hub
ST6837 steering knuckle
ST6839 front shock tower
ST6845 steering bell crank set
ST6855 center main drive shaft
ST6860 motor mount
ST6890 motor plate


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