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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


What's the best 2WD Short Course Truck in the Market today? The HPI Blitz.

There's about 14 different parts available for the Blitz. The hop-ups are available in anodized Orange or Silver. These Blitz parts will also fit the HPI E-Firestorm.

STH100311: CNC Aluminum Precision Caster Blocks (1 pair) - $19.99
STH100313: CNC Aluminum Precision Steering Knuckles (1 pair) - $19.99
STH103326F: CNC Aluminum Front Lower Suspension Brace - $6.99
STH85208F: CNC Aluminum HD Front Shock - $19.99
STH103326: CNC Aluminum Front & Rear Chassis Brace - $12.99
STH85208R: CNC Aluminum HD Rear Shock Tower - $24.99
STH85207: CNC Aluminum Rear Camber Link Mount - $14.99
STH103374: CNC Aluminum Finned Motor Mount - $10.99
STH85209A: CNC 3mm thick Aluminum Battery Strap - $10.99
STH103329: CNC Aluminum Precision Rear Hub Carriers - $23.99
STH103317: CNC Aluminum Shock Caps (4) – $13.99
STH85054: CNC Aluminum Ft Shock Set (w/low cap & O-ring Collar) - $19.99
STH85053O CNC Aluminum Rr Shock Set (w/low cap & O-ring Collar) - $20.99
STH100314O CNC Aluminum HD Front Bulkhead - $12.99

- James

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